Thursday, February 6, 2014


I woke up late and found the boy sitting in the front room, again.

I asked him what the fuck he was doing home.

He told me to look outside.

It's fucking snowing.


I live on a hill with one way out and have to go to work.
It's not supposed to stop snowing until after I get off work tonight so there will be an accumulation.
Better yet, it's not supposed to get above freezing until Monday.

Every weather forecast I saw said the snow wouldn't be here until tomorrow night at the earliest.

It must be nice to get paid big bucks to be wrong all the time.

Robert commented on my last post and told me to quit whining.
It was -8 at the time and the high was supposed to be 8 above zero where he is at.

I'm sorry.

That sucks big time.

Unfortunately now I have to go to work and we shall see how it works getting back home.

I am going to go throw my Get Home Bag back in my rig and dig out my insulated coveralls.

There is no point being another stupid fuck who isn't prepared.


stevierayv said...

Being prepared is a beautiful thing.Let's slap Robert around a little bit:)

Anonymous said...

Sucks to be you. I'm not gloating it's 4F here now, getting down to -7F tonight. I hope you've got some good snowplow crews out there or you're screwed. Got snowtires? Sandbags in the back over the axles? Remember to leave plenty of space between you and the other drivers and drive SLOWER. Good luck.

Suzanne said...

got 10 inches here in st helens.... first time token has had snow deeper than he is tall. he faceplanted into the snow when he got off that last step and beat feet back inside where he declared ownership of the heating pad i use to keep my feet warm. - poor little guy is gonna have to do his business at some point but so far he is refusing to go down those steps off the porch again. hope ya didn't have any traffic troubles busted

Phil said...

Poor little dude!
I don't blame him!

You are gonna be out there with a broom sweeping the little guy a path to the nearest tree!

It was nasty out this way, that East wind blasting down the Gorge just made it wicked miserable. There were fifteen inch drifts next to my car when I got off work!

I ain't no dummy though. I wheeled my rig into the nice dry and warm building to put the snow chains on.
25 miles an hour all the way home, it was a snap.
Even the steep hill was de iced on one side so I had no problem zipping righ up to turn onto our street.

Tomorrow remains to be seen though.

I hope you have plenty of provisions dear and don't have to go out except for doggy duty!

mjh10 said...

little SOB will not go out into the snow. he just goes on the patio under the deck and hicks his leg on the grill cover. needs to shovel a path for him to do #2.

Robert Fowler said...

Hey now.

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