Sunday, February 23, 2014

Caught With His Hand In The Cookie Jar

Ooooh, I'm sure the Federales will not be pleased to see this one. A former police chief selling off those military freebies for fun and profit.
He must have seen the ATF get away with Fast and Furious and figured he was one of "The Ones" and could get away with it too.

Bad former cop, no doughnut.

Ex-police chief indicted in fraudulent $4M scheme

LUBBOCK, Texas—A former Central Texas police chief has been indicted by federal prosecutors, who say he sold and pawned $4 million worth of equipment, including a machine gun, he fraudulently obtained through a federal program.

Federal prosecutors said Friday in a news release that former Rising Star police Chief William Jason Kelcy was indicted Wednesday by a grand jury in Lubbock on charges that include theft of government property. He is also accused of trying to sell a Thompson Ramo Wooldridge M14 machine gun.

Kelcy, 41, served as chief in Rising Star, about 50 miles southeast of Abilene, from 2009 to 2013. His department participated in a program that transferred excess Department of Defense property to local law enforcement agencies.

The program, administered throughout the state by the Texas Department of Public Safety, was designed to increase the quality and quantity of equipment for law enforcement agencies.

Authorities say Kelcy forwarded the equipment to other law enforcement agencies, officers and private citizens with no law enforcement responsibilities.

Kathy Colvin, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney's office in Dallas, said she could not release information on how federal authorities discovered the alleged activity by Kelcy.

I'm thinking he wasn't so good at math and the numbers didn't add up.

Either that or they popped someone with some of the illicit gear and they ratted his ass out.
That would be awesome in my book.

Either way this guy is going up the river.

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