Friday, January 3, 2014


I just couldn't quite get with the program this week.
Two days off in the middle of the week last week then work all fucking weekend and two more days off in the middle of the week again this week just fucked me all up.
I didn't know what day it was yesterday, I kept thinking it was a Monday.
We had several key people take long vacations over the holidays and I have been covering for two different people on two different schedules.

I told them I would cover this last weekend but don't even TRY to call me this weekend.

There are other people that work there that never seem to work any weekends or much overtime at all and they can damn well start taking up some of the slack.

In the mean time until I can get my shit together, I don't see any real serious subject matter coming across this page for a day or two. Hit the Blogroll if you want some intelligent content.

I will put up some Boobs for ya so this wasn't a complete waste of your time.



  1. My schedule for work is all messed up too - work two days, off two, back again for one, then weekend - what the hell . . .

  2. Great morning eye candy!

    Thank You.



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