Monday, January 20, 2014

Round Two

Jeeze Louise.
I just get over being sick and get slammed again with something else.

Me and another guy I work with both have some kind of crud.
More than likely the shit our supervisor had the last two weeks.

This other guy has it worse than me, I can tell just by looking at the poor fucker.

I feel like crap and seeings this is about the time I go web surfing for things to post it looks like I may be heading to bed shortly instead.


Just when my page views had been picking up too.

I went six days straight with over 900 hits a day.
I know, nothing for some people to get excited about (Fucking Kenny) but I was quite tickled.

Hopefully this won't hang around and I hope to get to sleep early enough to be able to get up a lot earlier than I normally do.

My sleep schedule is very strange compared to most folks.

Until tomorrow then, I do really appreciate ya takin' the time to stop by.


craig m. said...

Hope you feel better and don't worry, you are almost tripling my views.

idahobob said...

Damn....dey be some nice titties!


Robert Fowler said...

That last one looks like my 3rd wife.

Xenolith said...

Maybe this will make ya feel better: I was happy that I've hit more than 200/day for the last month....
'Course, now I think I'm feeling a little ill.....

Anonymous said...

Get well soon dude. I know how you feel, the wife and I were trading bugs for a few weeks at one point, I'd start feeling a little better and she'd bring something new home, I'd beat it and bring something new home for her. On and on, ad nauseum. You're on the right track though, tits and bacon are pretty much the cure for everything.

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