Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I was just sitting here surfing my daily reads when The Wife jumps up and says "What the Hell is going on?!"


So I get up and look outside and there are 3 Black and Whites in front of my house blocking the driveway.

Lemme tell ya, I didn't need that surge of adrenaline twenty minutes after getting up.

The first thing I asked was Do They Have A Warrant?
They didn't come to the front door, instead they were going up the driveway around the side of the garage.
More, WTF?

I looked through the garage past my toolboxes and out the window and I see two black guys and some bald headed guy.

Not being completely stupid, I didn't go press my nose up against the window, instead I went and got some self protection.

Pretty quick there are more cops.
5 fucking cop cars out front and they are grilling this one guy right outside my garage window.
I'm thinking "get the fucker out in the street you idiots".

Pretty soon they drag this one guy out in cuffs and sit him down on the curb.

Some fucking thug with his hat on backwards.

It turns out one of the black guys was a cop, I couldn't see anything but their heads through the window.

4 Black and Whites and one Unmarked for one guy.

That's how they roll.

Saw the same damn thing yesterday going to work. A Stater came flying by me all lit up and about a half mile down the road they got a car in a parking lot surrounded. only 4 that time.

After they searched this perp, they stuffed him in the back seat and off they went.

No knock on the door, nothing.

I very much do not like this.
I know it woke The Wife the fuck up.

I been telling her I want to move and I think this finally made my point for me.


stevierayv said...

I know that feeling kinda sad when the first thing you think is where's my gun right.

FrankC said...

Sounds like you live in a "vibrant" neighbourhood.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed at many police stops that they 'swarm', often 3 or more LEO vehicles boxing in a single vehicle. Didn't use to see it years past but now very common.

Anonymous said...

Definate time to move! Last time I saw a police car by my house he'd got lost on the country lanes. Last burglary- never, but then I'd say that anyway. Gotta lot of land to misplace a corpse in round here......;-)

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