Saturday, January 11, 2014

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

It is, too.
Fuckin' wind is just howling outside and it's raining sideways, hard.

Lovely weather.

My wife's little cat hasn't been seen since yesterday afternoon and I just went out on the back porch to see if I could spot the little fucker but got nuthin'. While I was out there I did what guy's do when they have a back porch.

She is going to be heart broken if something happened to the little bastard.

He loves to snuggle her as much as she does him. Them two get wrapped up like two teenagers at the Drive In sometimes.

He's about that age though, where she should have been taking him in to get his nuts cut.

If he is out chasing tail and decides to show up later his fate will be sealed for sure.

Her sisters each got one of his litter mates and one of those done run off already.

Fuckin' varmints.

It's damn near 4 in the morning and I am going to go fall down and go THUD here pretty quick,if the little shit don't make an appearance before that he is shit outta luck even if he does show up.

I guess I'll find out sometime after I wake up later.

He knows where he gets fed at.


Just before I was going to hit the sack I found some stupid game on the internet and wound up staying up until 8 this morning.

When I finally went to lock everything up, here comes the little shit head at full speed up the back porch.

Heh, snip snip little kitty..........

I will tell the wifely unit to make an appointment Monday.

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