Monday, January 27, 2014

I'd Love To Meet This Under the Bonnet*

In case you are not familiar with British car terminology, they call the hood of a car, the Bonnet.

A Hood to them is a convertible top and the trunk is called the Boot.

Having owned one of their miserable excuses for an automobile for a couple of decades now, I have had to learn this terminology while hunting for parts and mechanical guidance.

A wrench is a Spanner and learning their various other unique identifiers can be like learning a new language except they are both supposed to be English!

Call it what ya want, I'd like to meet this over an oil leaking A Series British four banger any day.


Anonymous said...

Don't you also call wings, the front wheel arch cover, fenders? Having had extended stays in the US i wondered why all the hire cars were Japanese, then I drove an american one! The ride made you seasick and nothing electrical functioned properly. It had under 20,000 miles on the clock!
That young lady on the other hand is hot totty.

Limey Bastard said...

The first modern automobile was invented by a German, Karl Benz.

The first modern automobile production line was invented by an American, Henry Ford.

The language we both use was invented by the Celts, the Greeks, the Romans and just about anybody else who got a foot in our door but we call it English and we exported it all over the world under and, in passing, used it to name automobile parts and tools and just about everything else worth naming.

The United States of America is our most successful colony and this is probably because they didn’t bother to learn to speak English as it is spoke and have been bitching about it ever since.

That said, which one of our under-powered heaps do you drive and why for God’s sake when you can get your hands on a Ramcharger or its like for peanuts and drive around the country with a load of potatoes in the back waiting to be abducted by aliens?

Just ‘askin and, by the way, we do indeed breed nice tits on this side of the pond.

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