Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Did This Once Too

Right around the corner from my house, in a 66 Mustang with a built 289. I had only had it a week.
The cop was up the street around the corner of a building and I didn't know it.

I lit that Mustang up with a good Powerbrake , held it to the floor and then let the brakes off.
It completely smoked out for an entire city block.

The second I let out of it the cop nosed out in front of me a block down on the other side of the street.

He didn't even get to turn his lights on, I just coasted up in front of him and shut it off.

I couldn't see anything in my mirrors except white smoke and the rubber marks in the street didn't go away for over a year.

That was an expensive burn out, let me tell ya.


Unknown said...

Pulled out of a 7-11 once like that. I told my friend "pretty cool huh" he looked back and saw a Las Vegas Metro cop sitting in the tire smoke as it blew away. They let me off with a warning. Only to get speed competition, exhibition of power, exhibition of speed, attemping to elude, minor on possession, possession of false identification and possession of a controlled substance. That was expensive and I was stupid or had big balls back then because I did it by the local substation.

Anonymous said...

pulled my challenger out in front of a cop once,did a long smoky burnout...no,didn't see him! I was pulling out of a bar,of all places,half blitzed...I'd repainted the car,come to find out he was a state patrol that had nailed me many times! Only got an exhibition of acceleration ticket!

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