Saturday, January 18, 2014

Drugs Are Expensive Anyway

Bullets are still cheap enough though.

As I recall, Utah still uses the Firing Squad for death penalty executions.

With the European drug companies deciding they don't want US executions using their products anymore and the latest execution that used alternative drugs in Ohio having people wringing their hands about cruel and unusual punishment because a convicted killer took 25 minutes to die and made "gasping noises" instead of just becoming unconscious and losing control of his body functions like a good boy,

Missouri Republican proposes a bill allowing inmates to choose ‘death by firing squad’
Missouri State Representative Rick Brattin (R) is proposing legislation that would allow death row inmates to choose a firing squad as their means of execution.

States have been struggling to acquire the drugs required to perform lethal injections in a manner that is neither “cruel” nor “unusual.”

Missouri has executed two inmates in recent months using pentobarbital, but the drug comes from a compounding pharmacy in Oklahoma that isn’t licensed to do business in Missouri. Also, because the injectable form of pentobarbital is licensed to Lundbeck, the manufacturing of it by a compounding pharmacy violates the Food and Drug Administration’s regulations against producing “copycat” versions of FDA-approved drugs.

One solution is to return to firing squads, which are a constitutionally approved means of execution. They are also, as an advocate of a similar bill in Wyoming notes, “one of the cheapest.”

Since when any politician gets really concerned about what any damn thing costs these days is a mystery to me, I'll have to file this under political grandstanding.

It wouldn't, however, surprise me one bit if it didn't pass and become law though.

I can still remember when they shot Gary Gilmore clear back in 1977 and what a fuss was made over it.

Another option is hanging.
Both are legally condoned methods of execution, there are five total.

The length of new rope they have to use would still cost more than bullets though.

It's kind of a strange twist of fate but I wound up living in the same small town in Washington state where Wesley Allen Dodd , one of the few killers in this state who was hanged, was caught by the boyfriend of the mother who's child he tried to abduct at the Liberty Theater.

So if firing squads are going to be making a comeback then I would expect to see more hand wringing and sniveling from the same people who are crying about lethal injection.

Personally I would rather be shot at dawn than face the prospect of spending the rest of my days in prison but then again, I don't plan on going out and killing someone for no good reason.

I look at Capital Punishment for murderers the same way I do for Mad Dogs.

Kill 'em all.


Anonymous said...

why not sedate them,as in surgery,then give a lethal dose of heroin?No pain,and a wild trip as they die..Gets rid of all the heroin in the cops vaults,and its free!

Robert Fowler said...

25 minutes to die. I'm just all broke up. I think they should be executed the same way they killed their victims. Families should be allowed to participate. Think of the money they would save.

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