Thursday, January 2, 2014

Boy, I REALLY Let My Freak Flag Fly!

In case you didn't know, I was a registered Democrat my whole life up until recently.
Even worse, I was a Liberal Democrat.

However, and this is important, I always had a really strong independent streak, ie, Libertarian and couldn't for the life of me figure out why perfectly well educated people couldn't understand what the Constitution means without some kind of interpretation.

You don't understand plain English? I sure as fuck do!

I always knew that part of me was there but I kind of suppressed it for a long time.

I also used to follow politics very closely and kept myself informed on what was being stuffed down our throats to the point I was virtually a Political Junky. I was basically making myself nucking futs .

I was very vocal and opinionated too, still am to a point.I finally just couldn't stand it anymore and had to get away from politics all together.

There came a point that I finally came to the realization after watching the system bounce back and forth for many years that there is virtually no difference in between the two major parties in this country when it comes down to fucking the little guy.

That would be me and you.

We are the meat in a Fuck You sandwich.

Either party will sell your rights down the river in a heart beat for a donation.

The reason I am going into this is because I pretty much abandoned the Democratic party a few years ago completely but never quite could make myself feel comfortable in the Republican camp either. The Democrats boiled this frog until I was livid but when I looked at assholes like Boehner, McConnel, Cheney and Grandpa Walnuts (McCain) I knew I just couldn't go there either.

One party is stupid and evil, the other is professionally evil, in my opinion.

My other blog was very politically oriented at times but when I let that shit go I decided to go with my gut and let my freak flag fly. I came out of the closet in a political sense.
Hence the views I impart here are more of a Libertarian/ Constitutionalist flavor.
Being very Pro 2nd Amendment always made me feel uncomfortable with the Democratic party anyway.

Just for shits and grins, I stumbled on this little quiz that will analyze what political party your answers most fit in with. There are more optional answers to the questions that they ask and I went through those on several questions, I suggest if you take the quiz that you look at those too.

I would have to say that I most certainly got that Democrat shit out of my system pretty completely according to the results of that survey.
My answers fit the Libertarian parties viewpoint to the tune of 89%. That surprised me.

This is not to say I am going to run out and blindly vote for whatever Peckerhead runs for office on a Libertarian platform mind you.

I am of the opinion that voting at all anymore just validates the continued UnConstitutional activities and decisions that we have been getting ass raped with for the past forty years.

Besides that, the documented cases of outright vote fraud and manipulations makes the result of any election suspect, especially when those votes are cast on electronic voting machines,not to mention the old Dead Democrats that vote early and often trick.

So please try not to hold my sketchy past against me. I learned one thing for a fact, the political process in this country is broken beyond repair.

Maybe old dogs can learn a few new tricks after all.


  1. In NH something like 2/3 of voters are Independent. The parties are dying. Not fast enough in my opinion.

  2. Oh honey, if that makes you a freak, then I'm a SuperFreak. I matched 100%.

    1. See my response to Tweell below. ;)

  3. Come to the dark side! We have cookies!

    Yep, our politics are thoroughly ettin - two heads on one body. The heads argue with each other, but the body is dry humping us no matter which head 'seems' to be in charge.

    I'm at 87% Libertarian. Probably my view that abortion is murder dropping me down - it's the Catholic in me.

    1. That is probably why I didn't match higher too, for the same reason.

    2. Even though I'm not a practicing Catholic.

  4. Crap, I wish I had something positive to say but all I have is Crap. I didn't think that they could get to bustedknuckles but I guess. I was wrong. People seem to throw labels around like fucking Frisbees when their name has been tarnished beyond repair a.k.a. the repubs who now call themselves libertarian because, oh I don't know, It's not republican somehow makes them different in there beliefs. Hell, even I like some of there kool aid. But not for one second will I believe that there is a difference between the two. This call for a second civil war because your butt hurt because of what some says or does within the rule of law well get over it. You want to be a republican bro, go ahead I love ya but don't for a second think selfishness has any other name. Democrats have givin you an end to all the wars ever started, depressions 40 hr work weeks health and safety security all the things that we as a society have striven for all the while fighting against the selfcentered and greedy. Our system governs 380 million people and is far from perfect. But to be on the side selfish is not the side I would expect you on.

    1. Just because you signed in as anonymous doesn't mean I don't know who this is, Bro.

    2. you know I'm not embarrassed. I am bustedsbro

    3. And you know I am not selfish.

  5. I didn't consider myself Republican, but it seems I side with them the most 69% with Libertarians second with 66%.


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