Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Who Your Real Boss Is......


It's a good thing I'm married to my lovely wife or I think I could fall for this lady.

She could make an Iron Worker blush!

My kinda gal.

She has a damn good point though and if you can read my stuff you should be able to take her attitude with ease.
Some things just need to be said with a mouth full of invective to keep you sane.

Dear productive, hard-working Americans,

Would you like to meet your boss?

No, I don’t mean the supervisor who gives you assignments, sometimes provides guidance and mentorship and rates your performance. I mean your REAL boss – the person for whom you work. The person for whom your supervisor works. The person who receives the fruits of your labor, not as profit and reward for what they have created, but as entitled parasites, who take advantage of you, who exploit your values and morals, who avail themselves of your hard work, and who steal from you by consistently voting for politicians who use government force to redistribute what you earn to those who couldn’t hope to match your achievement and skill, and who feel entitled to the results of said achievement and skill merely because they can.

Go, read the rest and tell her how lucky she is that I am already taken so that my urge to stalk her can be managed without medication or one of those pesky restraining order things!

I am going to add that site to my Government Surveillance Target List though.

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