Monday, December 9, 2013

The Gun Market Is Getting Back To Normal, Finally

After the insanity last Spring and Summer, the prices of firearms are finally coming back to reality.

I saw an ad yesterday at Big 5 for a Mosin Nagant that they were only asking $169.00 and a scope kit was another $65.00.

Last April at a gun show they were asking $650.00.

AR-15's that were almost impossible to find and were going upwards of $2,000 dollars?

Bushmaster C-15 223 16-inch Red Dot 30rd .

Braztech/Rossi Wizard 223REM 23 inch BL W


I have even seen ammo being advertised by the thousand round lot finally.

I actually found a hundred rounds of .22LR at Bi Mart the other day, on the shelf!

That poor lady that stocks the ammo down there has been getting almost assaulted by groups of guys with their hands sticking out in her face the minute she rolls out a case of .22 LR.

I jokingly told her she should throw out some pork chops as a distraction so she could actually get behind the counter with it for some self protection.

Now would be a very good time to take advantage of some of the deals going on out there because you know damn good and well that the gun grabbers have shit lined up in the pipe waiting to spring on us gun enthusiasts.

Dirty sonsabitches anyway.

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