Friday, December 27, 2013

It's Getting Ridiculously Dangerous When Ya Can't Even Go To A Movie Without Six Hundred Idiots Brawling In The Parking Lot

This is why I hate living near a Big City.
I want to move out in the brush so far I can't even see my nearest neighbor but my wife refuses to even consider it.

I grew up in smaller towns and was never more than two or three minutes away from a forest.
I miss that shit, badly. Especially when I see more and more of this kind of insanity.

600 People Involved in Movie Theater Brawl, 5 Arrested

Five teenagers were arrested when a 600-person brawl broke out in a Florida movie theater's parking lot on Christmas night.

Described by police as a "melee," the fight occurred around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday outside the Hollywood River City 14 movie theater in Jacksonville when a group tried to storm the theater's doors without purchasing tickets, police said. Several had rushed an off-duty police officer working as a security guard.

The officer "administered pepper spray to disperse the group, locked the doors and called for backup, following protocol," said Lauri-Ellen Smith, a spokeswoman for the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

Soon after the pepper spray was used, "upward of 600 people moving throughout a parking lot about the size of a football field began fighting, disrupting and jumping on cars," she said.

Sixty-two police officers were called to the scene to break up the brawl, "sequestering them and separating them," Smith said.

Only minor injuries and damage to property were reported. No gunshots were fired, according to Smith.

All five of the people arrested on the scene were charged with crimes related to fighting. Three of those arrested, including one minor, were charged with felonies. Two other juveniles, who have not been named by police, were charged with misdemeanors.

Can you even begin to imagine that?!
600 people fighting in a parking lot over...what?

Over nothing!

They weren't fighting over food, water or even some stupid sale at WalMart.
Just being violent, ignorant, assholes with nothing better to do.

No thanks.
I am still going to seriously start looking for a place at least that isn't at the edge of the local Ghetto.
Which I am in and didn't know about until after I had been here a while.

I am one street away from a different neighborhood zone which means I am one street in to one of the worst neighborhoods in this little burgh.

So far there hasn't been a lot of crime close by because I am up the hill and at the far end away from the worst of it but I see what I have running around the area.It ain't pretty.

I have had the cops blockade my dead end street three times in the middle of the night while they sent two more cars with search lights up and down looking for some creep or other.

I don't like that, one little bit, either.

Nope, too many assholes around here for my taste and when I see news articles like that one it makes me want to get clear the hell out of any city limits.

I have lived and worked in some Big Cities and I can tell you for a fact that I am a country boy trapped in Suburbia.

I do believe San Jose was worse than San Francisco too.
At least I didn't live in San Francisco, I just had to commute close by for a couple of years.
Just South of the main part.
San Jose was real bad. I am surprised I lived through that now that I look back at all the shit I pulled and how trigger happy the cops were even back in the 80's.


  1. Can't wait to get back out on the water, away from all these people. Florida is a weird place. Beautiful ocean, nice rural areas, and crazy cities.

  2. And I live outside of a town consisting of 350 souls.

    Na, na, na na, na, na!


    1. Thanks for rubbing it in Bob.........

      Good for you though.
      Life is so much easier when you don't have to deal with upwards of 100.00 complete fucking idiots, on your way to work.

    2. Lol, I just woke up. Forgot a zero.
      100,000 idiots.

  3. This happened within 25 miles of the little island I live on. News coverage unapologetically showed the perps as they were, black. Every one. This is our first black mob and it WILL be the last. They won't know what hit them next time.

    1. There were mugshots of three of the perps that were arrested in this article and all three were black.
      You confirmed my suspicions but ya can't be racist these days, right? Because waking up in the morning these days is being racist.
      That's why I didn't bother mentioning race in my post. I figure most folks could figure that out by themselves.


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