Thursday, December 5, 2013

I Don't Like Being Cold

As skinny as I have been my whole life, when I get cold it goes straight to the bones.

Now that I am getting old and my body is so tore up from sixty or so car wrecks, motorcycle wrecks, thirty years of wrenching and various other injuries, I've got arthritis to boot all over.

Old foot ball injuries kinda thing.

When my hands get cold now, it feels like someone is pushing large needles through the joints in my fingers.

I'm talking excrutiating pain.

So I don't like being cold, at all.

Fuck that shit.

Last year I went out and bought one of these little units.

These things are the shit for out in the garage.

I went out there a while ago to have a smoke and last night it got into the low twenties.

It was fucking cold out there.

I set my coffee down and went over and fired that little fucker up.

Ten minutes later, in a two car garage, it was T shirt weather.

Yeah,I'm like that.


  1. I would KILL for it to be in the twenties. 8 degrees Fahrenheit here. I'm with ya though, I'd much rather sweat than freeze

    1. You couldn't pay me enough to live there.
      That kind of cold kills fast.

      For God's sake, stay safe.

      I have some Coast Guard surplus insulated coveralls that are rated to below zero and I am seriously considering getting them out. I make damn sure they are handy this time of year.

  2. 42 down here right now with an icy north wind blowing 22 gusting to 31. Fucking cold for south Texas. The wind blowing in from the water don't help much either. Gonna tickle the freeze point tonight...

  3. I feel for ya, Phil. Snowed here last night after freezing rain all day yesterday. Skinny ass body with arthritis too, and my shot out shoulder...You have my sympathy.
    Now send me that heater!


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