Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dammit. Another One Bites The Dust

This just sucks.

My Pal See Sea is hanging it up.

Been thinking about this long and hard the last couple weeks. I’ve been at this blogging thing since April of 2008. Met some great folks, beat back trolls, took a lot of heat for my viewpoints…

I am done blogging. In spite of the good it has done me on a spiritual level, it has cost me two jobs. Sorry if the truth hurts, but there is no such thing as freedom of speech for an “employee”. Just too many busybodies out there with nothing better to do than fuck over their fellow man just because they didn’t like something someone said. And far too few “fellow men” willing to back someone up for exercising their rights. Just ask 4th of July Patriot and Adam Kokesh, both of whom are rotting in prison right now for exercising their rights.

I am not willing to join them. The lesson they taught me, same as so many chicken shit co-workers, is that I am alone. I’ll be left to swing in the breeze should I stick my neck out. Roger that, lessons learned. So I will now shut the fuck up and fade back into obscurity. Can’t do shit right now anyway because I’m still nursing a broken heel, but that will soon be a non issue.

Now for those of you who ain't in the know, "Sea See" is the recent incarnation of a guy who, as he says, has been Blogging since 2008 under various Nom De Plume's.
He basically re started from scratch because some asshole neighbor got wind of his old Blog and made life Hell for the guy, ultimately resulting in some really, really, bad shit.

Me and Ol' See Sea go back a long ways on the internet.
I'll be damned if I can remember how I stumbled upon his little rant hole but I know it was when I first really had the Patriot stirrings.

There was just an instant affinity.

We had a ton of things in common and the same Fuck You attitude to go with it. We hit it off right away.

I'm going to miss his point of view and that fiercely independent spirit that is always right there for all to see.

He is a good man.

It's a cryin' shame but I can certainly understand his reasons and respect his decision.

Vaya Con Dios Amigo, mi casa es su casa y siempre habrá una cerveza fría a su disposición.


  1. I really missed his 2 blovels he was writing and lost inspiration. Hopefully if he can pick them up and dust 'em off he can finish where he left off. I'd buy hard copies.

  2. Yup it sucks I always liked him whatever the name of the blog.

  3. I'll still be hanging around stirring up shit : ) RJIII I've been wanting to dust them off. Might be able to in a couple months... See Sea

  4. Mayberry was the very first blog I found that I liked enough to actually follow. And from his blogroll I found several others worth looking at.

  5. give a man a free boat,he'll whine about the price......

    1. Go fuck yourself anonymous pussy. Back to you Phil : )


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