Saturday, December 7, 2013


You guy's kill me.

Every once in a while I check my stats on Blogger instead of Stat Counter, it's got a totally different set of numbers and other goodies.

Just for shits and grins, tonight I checked to see what the most popular keywords were that people use when searching the entire fucking internet, yet somehow wind up in this tiny, tiny little corner. My tiny, tiny little corner.


87 times this week alone.

Over ten times as many as the next keyword.

Hey, I'm not stupid, if you guys want Boobs, I can handle that.

Here all this time I had kinda hoped that just maybe people were stopping by to see what I had to say or maybe get a quick laugh.

But no.

All y'all want is Boobs.

Like I said, I ain't stupid.

Here ya go.

You'll just have to excuse me if I decide to post something else once in a while though, because hey, it's my fucking Blog, ya know?


  1. The fat bloby things which happen to occur on the chests of women are nice I suppose...

    Yet really, I tune in for your wit mainly.

    Personally I'm a leg and ass man. Nothing better than a set of nice long legs and a tight butt say I. Usually the big boobied girls don't have those....

    1. I'm with ya on the legs and ass.

      A nice ass will make me stop what I am doing to look and I ain't bashful either.

  2. My "Hump Day Rule 5" posts get ten times the hits of anything else.

    Bunch of pervs out there.

  3. Boobs , because you can't motorboat a personality.

  4. My #1 search term is ASS doesn't bother me I just want to get to a million and walk away.

  5. My all time weirdest: Anal Birth....I just wanna know how THAT found MY blog!

  6. The question is anal birth; the answer is Obama...

  7. You're all fucking gross

  8. Hi I'm J,and I searched for an elegant lady, with beautiful features, enchanting eyes and perfect skin, you was the only one. Like an egsotic delicy.. Longing for aattention_maybe¿_i no you'v caught mine.So now you have I'd like hear something funny so plz go a head..

    1. Could I ask your name?

    2. Well that's disappointing Phil. How can I get in touch with the woman it the photo??

    3. How in the fuck am I supposed to know that?
      Do you think I took that picture?
      Are you out of medication?
      It's a random photo I copied off the internet.

      Type "Boobs" into Google Images and start searching, maybe you will find her.

    4. i love boobs

  9. I searched boobs.... Found this blog.


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