Friday, November 8, 2013

Wheelin' And Dealin'

I was a bit busy yesterday so I didn't have time to post anything.

I was checking out EBay for some wish list items the night before last and ran across a killer deal,again.

I say again because I saw this same item about a month ago but it was listed as local pick up only, as it was again .
Unfortunately, the item in question was in a small town that is about 50 miles from the Canadian border due North from here.The ad was also expiring three hours after I found it.

This time I had to try though, it was an even better deal.

I looked up the town on Google Maps and like I said, it is basically straight North from here damn near completely as far across the state as you can get but it is also right off the main North/South freeway on the West Coast, I-5.

I am five minutes from I-5 on my end.

So I sent the seller a message asking them if they would consider throwing the item I had my eye on onto a pallet and wrapping a couple of cheap ratchet straps around it to hold it down and sticking it on a truck headed this way if I paid for the shipping.

Amazingly enough, the other party replied that they would do this if I arranged the truck.

The first phone call I made caused me to rethink my strategy, they had a $500 minimum.
They steered me to another shipper that is a common sight around here, Reddaway, and they told me $220.

Enough with the mystery, this is what I scored last night, the guy relisted it at Midnight just so I could snag it.

Isn't she a beauty?

I know, I know, it's ugly but to me it is gorgeous.
Even more so for $99.00.

It's an older SKIL 7 inch throat metal band saw. They go for about $1500 and up new, the crappy Chinese ones.

I talked to the guy on the phone yesterday and he said it worked before they stuck it in heated storage a couple of years ago. The only issue he remembered was a handle broken off on it that they were using a pair of Vise Grips on.

I will go through it and put a new belt and blade on it and clean it up.

Whatever it takes.

I have been wanting one of these damn things for years now and the only way you are going to beat that price is "Free".

I just got a message from the seller to wait on calling Reddaway, there is a guy where he works who has a part time shipping business at home and may be able to find a cheaper way to get this thing down here.
I'm all for that but even with the shipping charge I still think this is a good deal.
I have used the newer cheap assed saws they have nowadays and they are fucking garbage. They cost good money but are typically made out of thin sheet metal, have shitty bearings and cheap plastic parts where this one is all real steel.
This one looks to be pretty sturdy.

I can't wait to get my hands on this little darlin'.

Now I can cross this item off my list and move on to the next.

Of course my wife is, shall I say, less than thrilled to put it mildly.

It must be a guy thing.



stevierayv said...

Score a man needs his tools.What do you plan on fabricating there.

Xenolith said...

I'd kiss a democrat for that beauty. Vice grips and all...

Phil said...

I've got a whole bunch of little stuff I have been wanting to make but couldn't cut accurately with a chop saw.
Jigs and brackets and all kinds of little shop helpers. My main project is going to be fabricating a Panhard rod set up for the Sprite.
I only need one more piece of steel for that.
I even have a chunk of 1" High Pressure Stainless Steel tubing for the actual rod.

stevierayv said...

A panhard bar huh that sounds like an interesting project I'm assuming there will pics I'm interested in that.

idahobob said...



Mayberry said...

(In my best Homer Simpson voice) Mmmmm.... Tools.... :)

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