Wednesday, November 27, 2013

That Is Just Ugly

Someone ruined the look of a classic Goat with those hideous fucking wheels.
That model standing there is fuckin' scary looking too.

Double FAIL.


Some folks are reminiscing in the comments about the GTO and the Tempest, it's twin. Here is my 66 GTO story in brief.

My Dad bought a 66 brand new with the Tri power option.(3 two barrel carbs)
He used to carry racing slicks in the trunk and go out to the local airport on weekends and drag race it.
He was never beat.

He almost killed our entire family in it coming home from My Grandparents one day. Me and my brother were asleep in the back seat.
He was doing over a hundred miles an hour on Highway 101 Northbound, about Thirty miles South of Newport Oregon when he came over the crest of a small hill and some guy with a small camp trailer had pulled out of a driveway.
He was doing well over Eighty when he T Boned the trailer.
We wound up way down in a ditch.
My Mom went through the windshield face first. She wasn't wearing a seat belt.
It almost tore the drivers door clear off.
They finally got an ambulance there and I woke up in the back of it with the siren wailing.
I had no idea where I was at and after listening to that siren wail for a few miles I screamed at them to "Turn that fucking thing off"! I never did remember anything about the wreck.

I was six years old.

My Mom was awake and told me to watch my language, but I blacked out again and didn't wake up until I was in the hospital.
They gave my Dad his Last Rites at the hospital because they didn't think he was going to live. My brother was two and covered in bumps and bruises from head to toe.

There was a large cardboard box in the back seat that had somehow saved me from any major injuries and I was out of the hospital in a couple of days.

My Mom had scars on her face from going through the windshield until the day she died and was never the same after that.
My dad was in the hospital for several weeks.

I still have a couple of pictures of that car around somewhere after it was wrecked and there was a perfect hole in the windshield. The door was hanging by part of one hinge and the whole nose of the car was gone.

I still remember that trip to the hospital but I barely remember the car.


  1. I had the LeMans model. Same machine, just different labeling. Paid $600 for it used. "Sigh". Wish I had it now. I could probably retire by selling it, lol. Can you say chick magnet? I spent more time in the back seat with female companionship than I did driving it I swear! The odometer only goes to 130 but the car goes faster than that stock, trust me. Happy Turkey Day Phil.

  2. I would take both of them but that's just me.

    1. Agreed, BUT I doubt either of us can afford the price tag! (nor the on-going maintenance costs)
      As to the wheels, beauty is in the eye of the beholder..........

  3. Mom owned a '67 Tempest with 327 engine (iirc), it was the coolest car ever. We sold it to my cousin who was T-boned by a drunk driver doing over 50 mph at the time - he was banged up a lot, but he credits the car for saving his life.


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