Wednesday, November 20, 2013

If You Can't See That Your Liberty Is Gone At This Point You Are A Fucking Idiot

The Police State has full control for even the stupidest things you could never possibly imagine even ten years ago.

Father arrested for picking up his kids from school

Yes, you read that right. Not drunk, not high and not driving.

I would personally be so furious I wouldn't be able to see straight and would be in jail for assault on a police officer.


A Tennessee father was hauled off to jail after he insisted on taking his son home from school on time, rather than waiting for another half an hour under a recently implemented school rule.

Jim Howe, father of two children enrolled in South Cumberland Elementary in Crossville, Tennessee, arrived at the school on foot at dismissal time: 2:00 PM. But a new school policy states that students may only leave at 2:00 PM if their parents are picking them up in cars. Walkers must wait until 2:35 PM.

Howe maintained that the policy was meant to apply to students walking home by themselves, not students walking home with their parents.

“You don’t need a reason as a parent to go get your children,” he told school officials.

Avery Aytes, a sheriff deputy and school resource officer, was on hand to prevent Howes from leaving with his kids. The encounter between the two was captured on video by Howes’s fiancee, Jennifer Long. When Howes insisted that the new policy was illegal, the officer threatened him with jail time.

“I’m going to call some help down here and we’re going to take you up to the jail right now,” said Aytes to Howes. “I’m not putting up with this today. You’re being childish and it’s uncalled for.”

Howes said he didn’t want to wait in the car line–and had not brought his car with him, in any case.

“You’re trying to be difficult,” insisted Aytes.

When Howes suggested that state law was on his side–and that he school had to release kids to him on time–Aytes handcuffed him and put him in a police car.

There is video at the link.

Remember,it's always "Think Of The Children" with these collectivist cocksuckers and your "rights" as a parent do not exist.
If you don't believe me, try walking into the school where your kids go and see what happens.
The schools are more like prisons now .

I guess this guy didn't get the message,


  1. School policy is not a law!

    I would own this pig, JBT.

    Grrrrrrr, I am getting more angry as I write more.

    Time to shut up.


    1. Bingo.

      Mr. Sheriff's Deputy/School Resource Officer just shit in his mess kit.

  2. This stupidity is going to end up getting someone hurt. These thug cops are going to harass the wrong person someday and someone is going to pay dearly.


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