Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Try This With Your "Sport Utility Vehicle".

Notice this old Dodge is only two wheel drive. Probably a little in line four cylinder engine with a manual transmission.

There are places in this video that a four wheel drive truck would have serious trouble with.

Those skinny fucking tires are the key.
They sink right through the crap to more solid ground.

Try this shit with a modern SUV and you will be calling someone with a long cable to pull yer ass back out because tow trucks don't go off the pavement.
Trust me, I know this from experience.

This video was sent to me by my Dad's cousin, she has got to be in her seventies by now and probably saw one of those old rigs as a child before it got scrapped out.

Notice the windows didn't even break out when they rolled it.


JerseygirlAngie said...

Apparently, a Ford Model T is a pretty good off-roader, too !

JerseygirlAngie said...

Although Roy Chapman Andrews ( the real life inspiration for Indiana Jones ) prefered Dodge cars and trucks when he explored to Mongolian Gobi Desert in the 1930's .

Sixbears said...

Used to commute from northern NH to northern Vt all winter long in a rear wheel drive Mazda pickup truck. Passed stuck SUVs all the time. The key was having actual for real snow tires, and slowing the heck down.

Irish said...

DAmn ..they don't make em like that anymore. That was pretty impressive!

Mayberry said...

Like those old WWII Willys Army Jeeps. Skinny tires, light weight, and virtually unstoppable. If you did get stuck, it was nothing a come-along couldn't fix in five minutes. But I will say that my old K-5 Blazer was an off roading machine from hell. Had a 12 bolt rearend, a Detroit Locker, 3.73:1 gears, 33x12.50 all terrains, and a stump puller of a 350 under the hood. The one time I had to be pulled out, we were mudding along a high line right of way. My passenger side tires were on the slab for the tower (2 feet in mud) and my driver side was up to the window sill. A VW Bug on a Range Rover chassis with a winch (called "Bugzilla") came along and winched me back out into three feet of level mud which I clawed my way through. Damn I miss that Blazer!

Craig M. said...

Can you imagine if they actually made new vehicles to stand up to wear and tear like these old beasts? Never happen because then you wouldn't need a new one every six years.

Anonymous said...

Amen on the thin tire profile, my '66 VW Bug never got stuck in mud. Itty bitty hair dryer 1600 cc engine too. I'm pretty sure the very light weight of vehicle also kept me floating.

The single time I needed help pushing it out was the time I took the corner of the dirt road a little too fast, nearly hit a palm tree root and instead corrected to drive into an orchard that had irrigation dikes dug. Lol, what can I say - I was 15 years old.

Dad listened to my story, looked at the 'S' curve of tracks from road to tree to opposite side and said 'Uh huh'. Never said a word, but I'm pretty sure he pieced it together.

RIP Dad - I still miss you.

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