Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Arm Twisting Is Working

After President Obama stuck his foot in his mouth and told the whole world that he doesn't need the approval of Congress to send U.S. military forces to attack Syria, someone pointed out to the man that such brash actions are an impeachable offense.

Must have struck a nerve there because now, one by one, the Chicken Hawks are coming home to roost.
This can only be attributed to behind the scenes political arm twisting.

It has already been reported that 90% of Americans do not want U.S. intervention in Syria.

Britain backed out, the UN wants nothing to do with it.

The President says he has absolute proof that Assad ordered the chemical weapons attacks on civilians in Syria.

Other news reports contradict that repeatedly.

Some suggest a low level Syrian army official ordered it, some suggest the insurgents did it and some claim it was a False Flag attack instrumented by CIA and Israeli intelligence.

All that seems to matter to Obama is that they crossed some imaginary Red Line and now his resolve is being questioned.

Boo Hoo.

Running your mouth before you have all the facts has been proven millions of times throughout history to result in black eyes and bloody mouths.

So now John McCain, Miss Lindsey Graham, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Cantor and even Mr. Weepy himself, John Boehner have all come out in support of a military strike against a country who has has done absolutely nothing to threaten this nation.

All because President Obama thinks we need to be the worlds police force.

This is, of course, no mere stroll in the park and go home activity.

These people are willfully committing U.S. armed forces, our bankrupt treasury and our standing in the world all because President Obama needs to prove a point.

I am reminded of the old saying about insanity being repetitive behavior expecting a different outcome.

It has been said that President Obama is a twelve dimensional chess player.

From what I see he had better get good at 52 card pick up because his house of cards is about to come flying apart.

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