Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'mTired And Pissed Off

This seven day a week bullshit is getting old.
On top of that I spent ten and a half hours inside a confined space on my fucking knees last night with a restraint harness on stringing a whole shit ton of wires and my left foot is still numb on top.

I'm fucking beat.

Hopefully I will have next Saturday off.

If nothing else I still have 3 floating holidays to burn and if worst comes to worst I'll use one of those.

As for the pissed off part.

As I was sitting here trying to wake up, all groggy as fuck, my wife tells me that the boy is having anger issues and that they got into it last night, again.

He is fifteen and I remember those days.

I took off from home at that age and never went back myself.

They got into it about grades and of course being a growing male of that age, he is mouthy as all get out to her. The little fucker is smart enough to know better when I am around because I'll get his ass.
She escalated it and slugged him on the arm so he went ballistic and punched the window over the sink that hangs out, kinda like a mini green house. I forget what they call those things.
Anyways, he busted the inner window and of course, cut the shit out of his hand.


I just got off the phone to the glass place and they will be out tomorrow, to the tune of about $250.

You can rest assured that the lad and I are going to have a short conversation.

A very short, one sided conversation.

If he pulls his lippy fucking shit on me I might end up calling a drywall guy too.


They say there is no rest for the wicked and I certainly have earned my share but I am starting to wonder if I wasn't Genghis Kahn in a previous life.


Irish said...

When you get a few minutes to calm down and take a deep breath read this one.

Check out now this woman deals with her offspring. ( just don't let it get to ya :) )


Sixbears said...

I never mouthed off to mom. Dad would have knocked me into next week, even if he'd have to use a 2X4 to do it.

Glenn B said...

My father was a useless piece of shit drunk who beat my mom often. Luckily she grew a pair of balls and divorced him when to be a divorcee was a stigma. I understand teenager problems having been a troubled teen to say the least. Just you being there, to take your wife's back and put him in his place is worth a mountain of gold in his upbringing. Add to that a good left hook or a thick full grain leather belt - just once mind you - and the problem will probably be solved as long as you are there for him too - which my guess would be you are.

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