Thursday, September 19, 2013

Above And Beyond Technical Help

I swear,I have never seen someone able to help a complete stranger with an electrical/cable problem by using not one, but two Blogs!

I was pitching yet another fit about my internet connection again the other day and got a few comments but one of the commenter's went way the hell above and beyond to help me try to figure out what the hell is wrong, over the internet!

Where real life professional cable technicians have tried repeatedly and failed, SteveieRayV from Your Crazy Uncle Bubba fame may have just pulled off a win that can't be believed.

He is an ex cable tv tech and obviously knows that of which he speaks.

He was nice enough to offer me some tips and things to look for in the comments but when it came down to something I wasn't able to visualize, he went the extra mile and took pictures of what he was talking about from his own house and then put them in a special post on his Blog , just for me......

I really don't know what to say except Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

That has to be one of the top ten nicest damn things I have ever seen for someone to do for a person they don't even know.

I will be out there tomorrow replacing that mess,it certainly has to be a big part of the problem, and when I am done I am going to send StevieRayV an Email letting him know how it turned out.

I think I can honestly say I owe him a jug just for what he has done already.

You sir, are The Man.

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