Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Fuck Is The Matter With Some People?

Watch this cute video and then realize some fucking asshole called the Wildlife department on the old guy and they took his pet raccoon away.

Fucking jerks.

Matthew says: "Mark Brown, a self-described Tennessee 'Hillbilly' YouTuber, posts videos of himself and his pet raccoon, Rebekah. After Brown racked up over a million views from his YouTube channel, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency visited his home and seized Rebekah. Brown suspects the agency decided to seize his pet after his video went viral, but a representative from the wildlife agency claims a neighbor's complaint led to Rebekah's removal. Brown is now trying to get Rebekah released."

He has a bunch of cute videos on Youtube, check 'em out.

And YOU, motherfuckers in the Tennessee Wildlife Department, GIVE HIM BACK HIS RACCOON!

Ya got nothin' better to do?


  1. Indeed! Give him his Raccoon back! Sheesh!

  2. That's seriously fucked up. That video made my day when I saw it last week. Hell, I even added Aretha's "Chain of Fools" to my ipod because of the vid and how much I enjoyed it. That old dude wasn't hurting anybody, and that raccoon had it made in the shade and lived longer than any would out in the wild. Douche bags...

  3. I would bet my life savings that the PETApukes that turned him in ain't NEVER seen a wild Raccoon that over weight (if they even know what they look like in the wild). That Raccoon was loved and it shows. I hope you win the fight Ol' man, you can bring your 'coon and dance on my front porch any day.

    "Ignorance should be painful"

    1. Peta Pukes.....I will have to read the article again as I never read any reference to PETA.....Was this fellow going to eat his pet Raccoon??

      You might want to keep the $5.00 in life savings in your change purse....dip%$^t

  4. I had a pet raccoon when I was young. They are wonderful pets and will use a box just like a cat. They do not like being thrown in the swimming pool though and never awake them by shaking, a word to the wise should be sufficient.:)

  5. Hope you fixed your sitemeter ;)

  6. I raised all kinds of "wild" animals as a kid. Every single one, from squirrels, to foxes, RACCOONS, and even a skunk once, ran around the farmstead and would play with me. They also had access to the woods, and had all the freedom they wanted. Some would leave and never return, eaten or just moved on, I never knew. Some would come back pregnant, and we ended up having all kinds of animals running around. Good times. Fuck our Govt that would take away a man's friend, when that animal is as free or freer than in the wild. Fucking gov't.....


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