Thursday, August 1, 2013

The All Powerful Department Of Homeland Security

They can molest your six year old and make you take your shoes off at the airport but they don't have a clue where Achmed went.

Gov’t Report: Homeland Security Has Lost Track of 1 Million Foreign Visitors Potentially Overstaying in the U.S.

Why does this not surprise me?

The Department of Homeland Security has lost track of more than 1 million individuals who entered the U.S. but may not have left when they were supposed to, according to a government watchdog agency.
Govt Report: Homeland Security Has Lost Track of 1 Million Foreign Visitors Potentially Overstaying in the U.S.

Homeland Security is required to track and report foreign visitors granted entry to the U.S., but lacks a way to verify that they have left the country, the Government Accountability Office said Tuesday. Federal law requires the department to use biometric data — such as fingerprints — to track visitors, but such a system is years overdue from being put in place.

“Each year, millions of visitors come to the United States legally on a temporary basis either with or without a visa,” the Government Accountability Office said. “Overstays are individuals who were admitted legally on a temporary basis but then overstayed their authorized periods of admission. DHS has primary responsibility for identifying and taking enforcement action to address overstays.”

A solid way to monitor foreign entries and exits into the U.S. has been held up as a crucial requirement for an immigration reform deal in Congress.

Ahh yes, those recalcitrant buggers in Congress again.

Hey I have an idea!
Why don't you miserable little tinpot dictators at DHS DO YOUR FUCKING JOBS?!
Could it be because you are all too damn busy watching us AMERICAN CITIZENS instead of POTENTIAL TERRORISTS?

Do you ignorant fucks even remember how the 9/11 terrorist were able to carry out their horrible plans?

Because they just went willy nilly wherever the fuck they wanted to and did whatever the fuck they wanted to right under our government watchdogs noses?

Seems to me that the NSA should be able to pinpoint their locations for ya, I'm sure they all have cell phones, HMMMMM?


Unknown said...

They could find them pretty easy if they wanted to. All they gotta do is use xkeystroke and search for people searching "pressure cookers", "welfare", and "Nancy Pelosi Naked"

Sixbears said...

Guess we know who the real target of Fatherland Security is.

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