Friday, August 2, 2013

Looks Like A Good Place For A Monster Truck Derby

Oh yeah, the Muslims are here.
Have been, will be.

Listen, they have the same First Amendment rights as anybody else in this country.
Watch the video, I have more to say.

Being a Muslim does not, however, grant them any special rights or considerations or the expectations that the U.N. will be able to grant them any.

The United Nations has no fucking say in our business.

I would suggest you emigrate immediately to another country where it does.

If they are U.S. citizens then they are subject to U.S. laws and you can stick that Sharia law bullshit straight up your asses.
That dog don't hunt here.

You have heard the old parable of not letting the camel stick his nose under your tent because if you do the whole camel will soon follow.

That is very applicable to this situation.

Look at what Britain , France, the Netherlands and other countries are dealing with because they bent over backwards for these people.

Learn that lesson now before it gets a toe hold here.

Before someone gets all froggy and decides to jump up and call me a racist I would remind them that this is about ideology and the fact that they have declared a Jihad against us here in our own country.

You can bet your homesick ass that you would be a dead motherfucker before lunch if you tried that over there.

Remember this?
ALL threats, foreign and domestic.

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