Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Told You The Gun Grabbing Sonsabitches Would Be Back

It seems my esteemed Congress critter has welcomed them with open arms.

Here is the Email Blast I got today about their latest tactic from Senator Patty Murray.

I will tell you up front that other than this particular issue, she is a damn good Senator compared to some of the fucking whack jobs out there and according to the statistics quoted she is merely representing the majority of her constituents.

No matter how fucked up and misguided they are.

My reply to Senator Murray follows.


The powerful gun lobby has done everything in their power to stifle the national conversation on guns -- hoping to make the possibility of reform far from reach.

They've clearly underestimated us here in the state of Washington. Eight out of ten voters support simple criminal background checks for all gun purchases. And, while the legislature -- and federal government -- has failed to act to reduce gun violence, Washingtonians have taken matters into our own hands.

That's why the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility is fighting to pass Initiative 594, which will apply criminal and public background checks used by licensed dealers to all firearm sales and transfers.

This ballot measure will make Washington safer for our families and for ourselves, but they can't pass it without your help and support.

Join the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, and add your name in support of simple criminal background checks on all gun sales -- endorse I-594 today!

With so many senseless tragedies like Aurora, Sandy Hook, Lakewood, Skagit County, Graham, Kirkland, and countless others, haven't we had enough? It's long overdue that we come together to reduce gun violence and to stop the NRA leadership from torpedoing this commonsense step to make our state safer.

Join the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, and add your name in support of simple criminal background checks for gun purchasers -- endorse I-594 today!

Reducing gun violence IS within reach, and with your help, we can get this done.

Thank you for helping to make Washington safer,

Patty Murray
U.S. Senator

My reply,

Unfortunately for you I am one of the twenty percent of Washingtonians who happen to take our Constitutional rights seriously.

I will ask you point blank, what part of "Shall Not Be Infringed " do you not comprehend?

As I recall you swore an oath to defend our Constitution.

Read it lately?

I can expect to see a form letter response in 3...2...1...


Xenolith said...

Knew I liked you for a reason. Bravo!

Moe said...

all they want are some reasonable gun laws...

they wanna reduce gun violence let the asshats start in Chicago, plenty to do there every Saturday night


Anonymous said...

You have Murry,I've got Cantwell.Were both screwed.

Phil said...

Ahh yes, good 'ol Maria Can't well.

I'm sorry.

Brock Townsend said...

Good reply. Any intelligent answer yet?

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