Thursday, July 4, 2013

Who Says The Economy Is Bad?

You certainly couldn't tell people are broke by listening to all the fucking shit going off in this neighborhood and it ain't even fucking dark yet!

There is some serious ass money going up in smoke around here already!

Fuck that noise.
I didn't spend a fucking nickel on fireworks.
I blew about two hundred bucks at the fucking hardware store this morning though.

Jesus H. Fucking Christ stainless steel fasteners are expensive!
I bought a bunch of little bolts of varying lengths, they are almost all 1/4 X28 fine threaded shit for my little car.
I got some other shit while I was there that I couldn't find anywhere else.
A skinny little 3/16ths rod 3 feet long in Stainless was FOURTEEN FUCKING DOLLARS!

I am talking skinnier than a fucking drinking straw!

Bastards seen my narrow ass comin', I'm tellin' ya. I have been working on that little money sink all day.

Anyways. enjoy your evening and I hope you don't have any high strung pets.

The Nanny bitches around here have been trying to outright ban fireworks in this town for years and every year the motherfuckers get just a little more shrill.

Bite me ya sonsabitches.


Man, it's like somebody flipped a switch.
It went from Gonzo War Zone to Dead Quiet in about fifteen minutes, right after Midnight.

All those Big Boomer's and Mortars and anything that flies through the air are illegal here and I heard lot's of sirens and a helicopter flying around about Eleven.
I'm thinking the local PO-lice decided that everyone had enough fun and threw the anchor out.

Ain't breakin' my heart.

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drjim said...

Try ordering your stainless hardware from either Grainger or McMaster-Carr.

Their prices are WAY better than your local hardware store, and they have a bigger selection.

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