Sunday, July 14, 2013


Trayvon Martin protesters blocks freeway, streets; LAPD moves in.

The Los Angeles Police Department was tracking several protests Sunday related to the Trayvon Martin verdict, including one that turned violent with police firing bean bag rounds.

Police emphasized that most of the protesters were peaceful. But there have been several splinter groups from the main protest that have been more aggressive, officials said.

LAPD Cmdr. Andy Smith said some demonstrators threw rocks and D-cell batteries at police near the corner of Washington Boulevard and 10th Avenue. Police responded by firing less-than-lethal rounds at the demonstrators.

Police are also monitoring about 150 protesters who are marching north on Western Avenue into Hollywood. So far only one arrest has been made.

Garcetti urges calm as Trayvon Martin protests block traffic.
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti called for peace Sunday night as the Los Angeles Police Department dealt with scattered protests in the wake of the Trayvon Martin verdict.

Moving on to New York;

Trayvon Martin demonstration moves into Times Square in New York.

Demonstrators protesting Trayvon Martin's death amassed in New York City's Times Square on Sunday night after marching about two miles from an earlier rally at Union Square.

As tourists looked on, the protesters chanted: “What do we want?” “Justice!” “When do we want it?” “Now!”

The demonstration was one of many in major U.S. cities Sunday after George Zimmerman was acquitted Saturday night of murdering Trayvon Martin in Florida.

After a protest Saturday night in Oakland turned violent, Sunday's protests were peaceful.

Lines of police occasionally attempted to redirect the New York march as it moved through Manhattan, with cabs and trucks sometimes honking in support.

"We are all Trayvon Martin!" a speaker with a megaphone told the demonstrators in Times Square, with the rally broadcast on a live feed over the Web. "Justice for Trayvon Martin!"

So far I haven't seen any reports of looting or any actual riots but give 'em a little time to get worked up into a proper frenzy, will ya?

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Craig M. said...

Notice these areas have a surplus of laid off occupy protestors, and the strictest gun control laws. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't want to randomly stop and threaten motorists around here with the amount of CCW's.

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