Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's A Rebel Yell

Not the Billy Idol kind either.

Here is a video of real live Veterans of the Civil War from the 1930's giving us a taste of what the original Rebel Yell sounded like.
First in a group and then individually.

This may surprise the hell out of ya, it certainly wasn't what I was expecting.

Now imagine several thousand wild eyed Southern boys all fired up for battle yelling all at once.

I do believe I can hear my ancestors quietly urging me to stand up on my hind legs and cut loose with a full throated Rebel Yell.

I had quite a few ancestors fight in that war,most of them of Southern heritage, thank you very much.
I have ancestors that fought in the original Revolutionary War too. Ornery bunch, I'm pretty sure none of them were ever in the fertilizer business, not a one of 'em took any shit from what I'm told.

My Mothers side of the family was 100% Southern stock from Farmers to real live Ozark Mountain Hillbillies and then some.

I actually met my Great Aunt who lived in the Tennessee Ozarks back in 1976.
Fox Fire material in the flesh. Even then I thought that was a very special opportunity that not a lot of people got to experience.
No running water, no indoor plumbing but she did have at least one electric light bulb in the front room.
She was in her eighties then and lived alone.
She and her brother had inherited the family farm, eighty acres of gorgeous Ozark Mountain farmland. Beautiful meadows, the ancient barn, the whole works.

She was the nicest lady you would ever want to meet.

I often wondered what ever happened to that land after she passed.

So it just might surprise y'all if I slip up and start talking like a Southern boy occasionally.

I kid you not, if I am around anyone from Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri or anywhere near that area for a few hours, my speech starts morphing and pretty soon I start talking like I lived there my whole life.
It's freaky.

I was born, raised and have lived my entire life on the West Coast but I was raised quite a bit by my Grandparents and have visited back there a few times.I come by it naturally.
My Grand parents were Old School Depression era survivors.Grandma's clan was from Missouri and Grandpa's clan was from Tennessee. My Mother was born in Missouri.
I have literally been accused of being from the South several times by people who don't believe me when I tell them I am a West Coast native.

I can tell you one thing about myself that is one hundred percent accurate.
I have been a Rebel my whole fucking life and I damn sure ain't gonna quit now.


stevierayv said...

Nice one

Anonymous said...

If you have ever been on a backwoods Virginia deer hunt with dogs, you have heard this yell live on. The hunter taking the dogs through the woods doe the same yell ending with a deep, whooooosh - hunt em up!

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