Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Ain't Askeered

This tune has been around a long time, over forty years now.
Lemme tell ya, watch this and enjoy it but towards the end you will see that Buck Darhma has still got it goin' on man.

That dude can rock a fucking geetar, in my opinion he is one of the greatest unsung guitar players out there.

I'm going to double bonus you real Blue Oyster Cult fans and throw up the live version of Astronomy.

That one was so good Metallica covered it.

It starts slow and builds but a bit after half way Buck Darhma flat out cuts loose and starts jamming and if your toes aren't tapping by that point you need to check your fucking pulse.

First things first,
Don't Fear The Reaper.

he has still got it.

Now for some jams.


OK, for you REAL fans, GODZILLA!
The ULTIMATE 80's three day drunk kegger tune.


drjim said...



Oh, and can I have some more cowbell while we're at it?

Anonymous said...

I used to be a huge BOC fan myself back in high school, SOME ENCHANTED EVENING live album one of my favorites. My brother is still into them and loves their music. I think Eric Bloom (singer) is nearly 70 years old - fucking A, that dude still has it.

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