Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Agree, Do You?

Nowhere in the Constitution or The Bill Of Rights does it say a damn thing about guaranteeing safety.

In the last twenty to thirty years, people have been trying to legislate it though, at a breakneck pace.

I have news for you panty waist motherfuckers, you are going to fail and fail big in your efforts to legislate safety.
It's impossible.
Even Common Sense isn't common anymore because you won't let people learn from their own mistakes.
It's just, you can't do that, we passed a law against it.

There is always going to be that one extraordinarily stupid bastard out there who is going to come up with some shit you never dreamed of though.

As for the rest of us who have managed to live well beyond our wildest expectations, we don't appreciate you punk ass bitches outlawing our fun.
Yes, some of the things we call fun can be dangerous.
We are old and wise enough to respect that and we sure as fuck don't need you to step outside your boundaries and into our personal space because you have no imagination and are afraid of your own shadows.

There are so many laws on the books as of this writing that no human being could possibly know them all and for damn sure, it would take weeks just to find and read them.
That doesn't seem to be good enough for some people though, they want more and more laws.
Restricting our personal liberties all in the name of safety.
Think of the children is their battle cry.

Here is a hint for ya, your children right now couldn't cook for themselves, couldn't find their way home by themselves, can't carry on a conversation with the least amount of intelligence, have absolutely zero knowledge of the true history of this country and if the fucking electricity were to go out and stay out for a month would probably be dead in three weeks because THEY CAN'T THINK FOR THEMSELVES!

This is your legacy you Nanny Motherfuckers!

Children unable to interact with the world around them.

Go ahead, pass all the laws you want, the damage is done.
You have a couple of generations of dysfunctional and helpless kids out there already that you have doomed.

Fucking around with the education system and turning out millions of functionally illiterate citizens that don't even know what a manual can opener is.

I grew up the hard way and I am here to tell you that 85% of the kids I see these days would not have survived what I did.
Call it bravado or bullshit, it's the truth and here I am.
I was cooking and taking care of my little brother basically by myself when I was nine years old.Laundry,personal hygiene,getting him ready for school, the works.

Kids these days don't have the coping skills nor the survival skills that were taught to us by our parents and Grandparents who lived through the Depression.
It's a fact.
As for me, I'm with Thomas Jefferson.

You pussy sonsabitches can go fuck yourselves and if you think for one minute that I am paying attention to all these new fucking laws, you are seriously mistaken.


I found the perfect graphic for this post over at 90 Miles From Tyranny.


  1. Laws? You mean suggestions.

    We can't know them all and they can't enforce them all.

  2. Hell yeah I agree.I couldn't have said it better.Bravo sir.

  3. God bless America, the Constitution, and Bustedknuckles, that wise old sumbitch who knows a thing or two...


  4. Busted, good on you! You've come a long way.

  5. I read recently that the U.S. Code covers 18 feet of shelf space. That's just federal law. Then you get to add in the state laws. And the asshats in Congress are always wanting to add to them. I'm enough of a adult that I don't want or need the government to legislate my every move. I've took pretty good care of myself for all these years, I don't need their help.


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