Thursday, June 20, 2013

Just Check The Box As A Registerd Democrat, Right?

The Whitehouse continues their propaganda pushing for the immigration bill.

OH BOY! Were gonna save money they say.

Look at all the taxes they are going to start paying they say.
This is a GREAT idea they say.

Yeah, that worked out so good the last time all those illegal aliens were granted amnesty as I recall.

You could naturalize half the population of the fucking planet and Congress could still outspend whatever amount of taxes collected came in.

But wait! We has a chart!
It's a cool chart! We spent a dollar eighty five making this chart!

It shows too.

This actually came from our Whitehouse;

This is the fifth grade level of propaganda they are pushing.

Give. me. a. fucking. break..

I can't believe this is how they are trying to frame legalizing ten million illegal aliens in this country.

It must be true, they think everybody else in this country is dumber than a box of rusty hammers.

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  1. When even my snuck across the border and 20 years later became a citizen Mexican brother-in-law thinks it's a bad idea . . .


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