Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's Just MetaData, Right?

That's what our Imperial Overlords keep telling us about the information they have been gathering with all of their various spying gigs.

Sounds harmless when you listen to those fuckheads.
It is also extremely misleading.

I stumbled on a page, sorry, I can't remember how I got there, it was in between searches for car parts,but it is a real eye opener of what can really be found out by using the most basic "Metadata" points.

Fucking scary is what it is.

If you clink on the link it will take you to a tongue in cheek example of what can be accomplished . It is kind of hard to follow as the author uses some "Olde Englishe" in his attempt to paint a picture of the government finding that Paul Revere is a "Person of interest" and deserves more scrutiny.

Using just a small list of names and the organizations they belong to, they can use it to find relationships between individuals, the groups and the interactions between them, to find someone "of interest" that they all have in common, that is not on the original list.

This is very basic use of Metadata, without advanced algorithms!

It will give you just the slightest glimmer of what our government is doing and then you will realize that they have Cray supercomputers doing this 24/7.

It should cause you to pause enough for a minute to shit a little ring around yourself.


Because I had to leave for work before I could really finish my thoughts on this I wanted to point out a couple of things.

In case you haven't figured out one of the aims of the government in doing this, I would ask if you have ever heard of The Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon?

What they are doing is identifying how everyone is connected to everyone else. Not just in this country, either.

If they wanted to, and I wouldn't put it past these vicious cocksuckers for one minute, they could connect you or anyone else they wanted to, to any unsavory low life scumbag you could possibly imagine, in seconds.

Guilt by association to infinity at their whim.

They know who you are, they know who you know, they know everything you do that has anything to do with electronics and as a matter of fact, have perfected this to the point, they can predict where you will be at any certain time unless you do something unusual.

Even then, if you carry a cell phone, they can still find your ass.

They have the names of all of your neighbors even if you don't know what the fuck the neighbors names are, they will assume you do because they do.

They know how much you spend on beer and whether or not you get the good toilet paper.

You have to remember, they have been doing this for SEVEN FUCKING YEARS and we are just now finding out about it.

Do not lose the faith, we still outnumber the cocksuckers a hundred to one and they damn well know it.
They can't know everything because the sheer mass of data they are gathering is physically impossible to act on.

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