Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lucky Bastards

A Wisconsin family says they knew they had a fallout shelter on their property but just now decided to uncover the entrance and open it up to see what was in it.

They said there was five feet of water in it and a bunch of metal boxes floating around. They pumped it out and opened the boxes to find perfectly preserved provisions!

Here is a link to the story and it has a slide show of what was in some of the metal boxes.
I was amazed and you will be too, to see what fifty year old goodies look like.
Those metal boxes must have been sealed tight, even the toilet paper looked like it was just put in yesterday!

I wonder what took them so long to find it and open it up?

I think I would clean the thing up and restock it!

H/T FARK, again, for the link.

I check that place several times a day, it is a news aggregator with a sense of humor.


Sixbears said...

Buddy of mine found a tornado shelter on his KY property. HIs was stocked with whiskey and voda.

Phil said...

Damn, that's like winning the lottery!

drjim said...

When I was growing up back in Northern Illinois, my Dad had what he considered the "strongest" part of the basement setup to be a fallout/tornado shelter.

That section of it (facing AWAY from Chicago) was walled off, and lined with lead sheet he got from one of his buddies.

Not sure what ever became of it, because I moved out West in 1982, and Dad sold the house and moved into a retirement community in 1985.

Moe said...

The gent that runs Vault-Co swears we will all need an underground shelter,,,soon. He may be right. Reckon me and mine will be in a bit of trouble when that special day rolls around.


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