Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Some peoples kids.

Cleaning Lady Discovers IED in Teen's Room: Police

(Newser) – Think of all the things you imagine a cleaning woman might find in an 18-year-old male's room. An IED probably wasn't on your list. But that's exactly what police say an Arizona housecleaner discovered yesterday afternoon in a Tempe home. After spotting a suspicious-looking device with wires coming out of it, the apparently very brave woman took it to the fire station, where it was X-rayed and determined to be an improvised explosive device that was ready to be detonated, authorities say. "It was something that wasn't big, but could cause serious injuries and the death of someone," says a Tempe police sergeant.

The bomb squad disabled the device and then searched the home—the woman showed police photos she had taken of other suspicious items in the teen's room, the Arizona Republic reports. Police found other bomb-making materials and ultimately arrested high school senior Joshua Prater, 18. They say there was no indication Prater intended to attack his school; they still aren't sure what his plans for the device were. If true, this detail doesn't exactly qualify Prater's parents for the Responsible-Adults-of-the-Year award: They reportedly told police Prater's friends taught him how to make bombs, MyFox Phoenix reports.

The dumbshit has just been entered into "The System" for the rest of his life.

I knew a couple of guys in High school who thought it would be cool to make a pipe bomb,once.

As I recall the bright one wound up blowing half his fucking hand off and the other one wound up with a gut load of shrapnel that damn near killed him.

This shit isn't playdoh kiddies, this is deadly stuff.

To leave it laying around for the maid to find and rat you out ain't the epitome of intelligence either.


Sixbears said...

My buddies just ended up with cool explosion photos. Ah, youth. . . we were lucky to survive it.

drjim said...

One of the guys on my dorm floor in college was into what he called "power bombs".

There was a large rain water runoff area across the road from the dorm, and he put an "extra long fuse" on one of his creations, and went over there and lit it.

About 10 minutes after he got back the thing went off, and broke windows for several blocks.

We had campus security, the local PD, the sheriff, the state PD. the fire department. and half a dozen agencies crawling out of the wood work for weeks trying to figure out what it was, and who did it.

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