Saturday, August 12, 2017

Wal Mart Has New Tighty Whities For $6.99

Better get several pairs.


  1. Could have been much much worse. Holy crap!

  2. I think depends after one of those coming down close to me... because I would have sh%t and pissed my pants...

  3. Whoa...those guys were lucky.

    Maybe a stupid question, but why use chains instead of cable?

    1. That is a good question actually.
      I'm figuring it's because that's what they had available and / or that's what they have always used.
      A lot of outfits have gone to the nylon straps but you can find lots of YouTubes of those failing too.
      Most memorably the one where they are picking up two brand new locomotives and the strap breaks off the spreader bar just like in this video while they are still several feet off the ground.
      That was expensive.

    2. In the 10 years I worked on a ship, one thing that was hammered into me was to NEVER get near any crane operations. Even if they were just lifting pallets of food or water onto the ship, give it wide berth, and STOP walking into the area until the lift crew gave you the OK to do so.

      For very large lifts, where we had an outside contractor bring in a large moblie crane, the entire pier would be shut down when a lift was in progress.

      You were either stuck on the ship, or off the ship.

      NO exceptions!

  4. They weren't chains. They were using nylon web straps or steel cable (hard to tell even in full-screen), a very common thing to do when slinging cargo on and off ships.

  5. You just KNOW that someone in that lift crew said, "Well, it IS on the ship now."

  6. Hey, any landing you can walk away from....


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