Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Wifely Unit Has No Sense Of Adventure

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary.
The same day as this big eclipse thing.
Thankfully we just head across the river to Edgefield in Troutdale every year so we shouldn't have to deal with the traffic.
Actually, she is already there and has been since Friday hanging out with one of her sisters who's birthday is today.

We were there last year too but I had to work so when I went to go over there, I took the little Sprite on it's maiden voyage out of town.
Here it is sitting in front of the joint.The first time in 20 some odd years the thing actually got me somewhere and back without breaking down.

That was all well and good until it was time to come home.
She had the kid drop her off and didn't have her car.
There is no passenger side seat in the Sprite.

So she had to call the kid to come get her. There was a certain amount of grief received over this.

Fast forward to this year, she has been over there since Friday again and it was the same deal, she had the kid drop her off.
There still isn't a passenger side seat in the Sprite either.

So she sends me a text message telling me not to bring the Sprite because she don't have a car.
The conversation via text went like this,

Ding, I get a message.

Her, Don't drive the Sprite down here, I don't have a car.

A couple minutes of fucking around on the internet and I sent her this,

Her, ?

Me. It's a milk crate.

Her, Why?

Me, For you to sit on in the Sprite.

Her, No.

Me, It's clean.

Her, No.

Me, OK, I'll put a cushion on it, Geez.

Her, No.


OK, Ok, damn you are hard to please woman but I am all over it.

Her, Whatever. ( She is plenty annoyed now)

Me, I'll even bolt it down just for you.
Should I put the top up?

Her, Dead silence.

Me, Alright, I'll be there later today with your little hoopty.

Her, K, I don't really know what you're talking about but whatever.

Me, Your car.
Lighten up, I'm just fucking with you.Smooch.

Her, Kinda figured anyway, bite me.

So she does have a bit of a sense of humor but no sense of adventure.

One of these days I'll tell you guys about the "Electric Van" I had back in the day and the time me and the old man got drunker than piss boiled owls at a family Christmas party and I had to take him home in the fucker.
It had a milk crate for a seat on the passenger side.
It's hilarious.

So posting might be a bit light, we shall see.

Oh, and BTW, I am getting the floor pans cleaned up and painted in the little POS so I can glue down some carpet.
The seats are going to be expensive no matter which way I go.
Over $2,000 plus freight to buy new ones and probably close to that to have mine redone.
$500 just for the seat skins but at over 50 years old, the frames are rusted and all the guts inside are shot.
I am going to throw that duct taped motherfucker in on the drivers side because that one is so far gone I am basically sitting in a bowl.

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