Wednesday, July 19, 2017

So, We Meet Again

48 years later.

The last time I saw this pair was in 1969 when I was 9 years old.
A couple of lifetimes ago.

We took off out of Lincoln City Oregon yesterday morning at 0730 and got back last night at 2356, four minutes to Midnight.

It wasn't the traffic that fucked us, it was the construction work.
Holee shit was highway 101 a giant mess down in Kommiefornia.
The highway had slid out in at least five places and they were down to one lane and construction equipment everywhere.
When you came up one one of the slides there would be a flagger and a traffic light.
You would have to sit and wait for a huge line of traffic to come through from the other side before you could get your turn to drive right next to the edge. It's a two lane, twisty motherfucker to begin with down around there anyways.
Then there was bridge repair on just about every third bridge you came to all the way up and all the way back.
We even got stuck in Florence Oregon and had to wait for a Draw bridge to open up and let a couple of fishing boats go through.

All in all I was behind the wheel at least twelve hours and I am beat today boy.

It was worth it though.
The wife loved it and the brats had a good time too.

The giant Redwood trees will make you stop and realize just how insignificant most of us are when you realize just how long it takes for one of those monsters to get full grown.

One thing that they had added since I was there all those years ago is a tram ride up to the top of a hill to a look out.

That was pretty cool.
You aren't way up high on the way up but you are still at tree top level for some of the other types of trees.

This is how big the cable wheel is at the top.

Leave it to me to be more interested in the machinery than the scenery....

The place is pretty much out in the middle of Bumfuck Egypt and there is no cell phone signal anywhere near the place but it was well worth the drive to go see.

I was damn glad to get back out from behind enemy lines though and was disappointed that there wasn't a big sign declaring that you were Leaving California on the way back.
I really wanted a picture of one.

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