Monday, June 12, 2017

Exactly What I Would Have Done.

I laughed when I saw this was in Klamath Falls.
The entire Southern and Eastern parts of Oregon are thick with Good Old Boys.
I grew up on the Southwest coast of Oregon in an old lumber town.

As a matter of fact, except for the Willamette Valley on the West side, which includes Eugene, Salem and Portland, the entire state is as red as a baboons ass.

Same thing up here in Washington state.

The liberals have a lock on the Puget sound area and the entire East side of Washington state might as well be another country.


  1. And to think that I used to live in Klamath Falls!



  2. The liberals have a lock on all state government (governor and legislature) as well as federal representation (Senators and Reps) in OR. That's why I left. Beautiful state, but the libs have a lock on the legislature, with gun control getting worse.

  3. Meant to add - the guy was obviously aware that drinking in front of the officer while stopped in a driveway on private property - would make it impossible to convict for DUI. Can't prove his blood alcohol was high enough while driving to charge and convict.


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