Friday, January 27, 2017

No Habla, Puta

I gotta say, this just tickles the shit out of me.
Trump has been telling people that he is going to get that fucking wall built on our border with Mexico and he is going to make them pay for it too.
Him and El Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto, have been going round and round about it.

Nieto said Fuck You Gringo, We ain't payin' for that shit.

Trump just said Oh yes the fuck you are and laid out some taxes on imports he wants plus a couple other ways he has been floating to stick it to 'em.
Apparently that pissed El Presidente off and he just cancelled a meeting they had scheduled.

Stomp your little feet all you want Esse, you going to pay.

Let me just say up front here that this absolute flood of immigrants from Mexico was openly embraced by a certain recently retired President of ours even though it was flagrantly illegal.
Some motherfuckers were making bank on that shit on both sides of the Rio Grande.

I see Obama's chosen boy who got appointed to head up the border patrol just got shitcanned too.

It's looking to be pretty fucking obvious at this point that Trump is not fucking around with this.

Bravo I say.

Shut that fucking border up and make that sonfabitch as water tight as a frog's asshole.

I don't even wanna hear the usual sniveling cocksuckers whining that these illegal motherfuckers do the jobs that Americans won't.
Don't even fucking go there.

There are 96 million Americans without a fucking job because of Obama's policies.
Start getting rid of these illegal fuckers, fine a few of the assholes who employ them into fucking bankruptcy so the rest of 'em get the fucking message and we'll see who won't work.

Either way we are going to save money because we won't be paying for every damn bit of the support they have gotten so used to.

We are talking about BILLIONS of dollars here Holmes.
More than enough to pay for that damn wall up front.
Then we can worry about putting the squeeze on Senor Nieto.


  1. Well said man, the people who complain the most have the most to lose when something that works in their world gets f'd up.

    I'll admit I live along the border, and my region has benefitted a lot from NAFTA. The city I type this from has expanded four time the population because of all the new businesses here from that. Plenty of Mexican H1B visas (look it up - I'm too lazy to describe, lol). I don't recognize the place I live in, 20 years have changed a lot. They say if all the illegal Mexican money in border banks were pulled out, they'd lose at least half their funds ! I believe it.

    America has to begin looking out for AMERICA'S interests. They'll be some bumps in the road. I'm pretty sure Mexico will likely go SHTF for a while, if they are able to pull themselves out. They dug their hole voluntarily - they've had decades to fix their economy while sending their people to risk their lives to come to U.S. so that they can send their money to relatives back in Mexico.

    Border wall - think of all of the $$$ required to interdict the illegal alien. It isn't just Mexicans - traffic from all over the planet wants to come here. It isn't freedome - its opportunity to better their place and the U.S. has it in spades over other countries.

    We've doubled in population since 1956 - DOUBLED! Think of all of the infrastructure we've had to invest because of that. You notice homes being burnt / flooded out / power grid failures. Its because we've outgrown our place. Building in locations that wasn't meant for that.

  2. i thinkt is why obama ordered no recon flights over the border on weekends.
    he is a traitor.

    1. what i said above was hundreds of moslem terrorists were coming over the border on weekends.
      obama, the fifth columnist traitor, ordered recon flights over the border to be cancelled on the weekends. his moslem cohort knew this and poured over on those days.
      they are well funded and consciousless. keep aware.
      guard your kids- they are sex toys to the evil doers.
      the computer connection here is very slow and often comments don't always come through.






  4. Good story, but one small correction. El Presidente is now Enrique Peña Nieto.

    1. LMAO!!
      Thanks for the heads up.
      I clicked on a couple of headlines after a Google search and none of them mentioned that fact. Corrections coming right up.

  5. Replies
    1. No problemo, hombre. All Mexicans look alike anyway............

  6. While your using your Google why don't you ask what president has deported the most people dumbass

    1. Oh are you referring to Obama? Deporting the same person 8 times is t a valid statistic.


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