Sunday, November 13, 2016

Goin' To See A Man About A Mule

Don't ask me why.
Maybe because I remember my Grandfather fucking with them and then me getting to play with them out in the garden, maybe because I am an idiot. It's about a 25/75 combo more than likely. My memory ain't that good and I can damn sure be an idiot sometimes.

I saw it on Craigslist for $50 and it's just a few miles away.
These things are getting pretty hard to find anymore that don't cost ya an arm and a leg.
It's in rough shape, I do know that already, the wheels are rusted through for one thing but the motor ain't froze up and it's an old Wisconsin.
I bet it's been twenty years at least since I worked on one of those.
I'm supposed to go pick it up in the morning.


  1. It looks like an old cantankerous one be careful

  2. A walking tractor!!! I hope the attachments are with it. For the price you cant beat it. I hope you have lots of penetrating oil.

    1. Yeah, you can't beat the price anyways.
      I have absolutely no use for the thing other than just being one more piece of junk laying around that pisses the wife off. There is that though....

      It's been a long time since I've even seen one. Yep, lots and lots of penetrating oil in my future. It's so old it doesn't even have a recoil pull starter on it.

  3. soak stubborn parts in vinegar overnite to loosen up

    for bigger rusted areas try using automatic transmission fluid

    make it work for you!

    or hitch up two liberals to your plow


    1. You know, I have been wrenching on things for over forty years now and I had no idea vinegar worked on rust until I stumbled on someones Blogpost a couple of years ago talking about it.
      It's amazing how well it works.

    2. The best penetrating oil I have ever used is a 50/50 mix of ATF and acetone. One caution however. Never use this in combination with heating with a torch. It is extremely flammable.

      Heating up a rusty nut or bolt and then touching it with a candle to let the wax melt in and penetrate the rusty threads works good too.

  4. It's going to be a joy restoring it. You lucky dog.

  5. Another good penetrating oil is bees wax melted onto the nuts / bolts.
    Just get it warm enough to a liquid melt, a blow dryer works well.
    Toilet wax rings used to be made from bees wax, but not anymore.
    There are still plenty of places to get real bees wax for a very reasonable price.


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