Saturday, October 15, 2016

Making Breakfast

Most people would call it Brunch due to the time of day but we are on the Swingshift schedule around here.
First up, the making of the bacon.

Please excuse the crappy cell phone pictures, as much abuse as I have heaped upon the poor thing I am lucky it still works at all.

That was my Granny's cast iron pan, I have had it myself for over thirty years now so I can pretty much guarantee that it is at least sixty years old. You just don't see square cast iron pans very often.

Then the taters go on.

I threw in a tube of giant biscuits into the oven, the wife whipped out a package of Country gravy that literally took seconds to make after the water boiled and then I fried up some eggs in the bacon grease.
Not what anyone would ever call a healthy breakfast but fuck those idiots.
I know what I like and there it is.

As soon as I clean up then I am going to start chopping vegetables and making a large pot of chicken soup for later on.
I stopped at Wally World late last night after work and got the fixin's and a 6 quart stock pot to throw it in.

Believe it or not, I do know how to cook.


  1. Bustedd! I caught a comment from you somewhere or nuther, and you're still here! I'm glad you can cook--do you bust knuckles in the kitchen too?

    Still here, Handmaiden (Gruff Lord ain't so Gruff these days, but he's still here)

    1. Hallelujah!!
      I can not tell you how glad I am to see you again!!
      I have gone back to your site again and again hoping to see something, anything, that would let me know you two are still OK!
      Please give my best regards to the fine gentleman.

      I have sorely missed both of your voices and wisdom in these trying times and I can guarantee you that I am not alone.
      Just to catch you up on things, I got married five years ago to a good woman, quit drinking four years ago and have never stopped running my yap on these internets.
      Please do not be a stranger anymore!
      I still have the same Email address and you can find it on my profile page.
      Drop me a line sometime, I would be greatly interested in how you and The Gruff One are getting along.

      I'll say it again for emphasis, I have missed you both and make sure you say hello for me!

  2. You could do better if you had a real stove fueled by Natural gas like God intended instead of one of those heathen electric abominations.....

    1. The irony of that is we are in a rental house that has gas heat and a fake gas fireplace yet has an electric stove.

  3. I had a pan just like that. Loved it. It was my go to omelette pan. It cracked while I was using it on a camping stove. Heat was too uneven I guess. Really bummed me out. I've got a good assortment of cast iron cookware but would make room for one more square cast iron pan.


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