Monday, August 8, 2016

Letting My Inner Child Out to Play

So we are at the beach.
Seaside Oregon again.
We have been here before but we have the Niece with us so the wife decided to come here so the Niece and our kid can go run amok for a couple of days on the Promenade.
That is basically a year round unapologetic tourist trap.

They have all kinds of crap you can spend money on here, it's almost carnival like.
They even have Bumper cars, Tilt O Wheels and miniature golf.
There are game arcades, salt water Taffy and candy store every thirty feet and T shirt shops jammed in between those.

It's pretty much all on a one way street about six blocks long.
So the wifely unit and them two kids decide they are going to go crawl this thing from one end to the other.
I decided been there, done that, no thank you.
I'm not following some 17 year old girl who "discovered" the Beatles last year through every fucking one of these places looking for Hippy type shit because she is all into that now.

Knock yerselves out, I'm gonna go wander around at my own pace.
So this Hotel we are at is right on the beach, at the end of the street where all this mess is.
There is a kite shop across the street.
I'm not talking kites like me and you grew up with, I'm talking kites that start at a hundred bucks and go up from there.
They did however, have a few stuck away in the corner for cheap bastards like me so I snagged one and hit the beach.

So there is a nice little breeze and there are people,kids, dogs and kites all over the place.
I got it up in the air about fifty feet and then tied it off to my belt loop.
Then I just wandered up and down the beach, people watching.
I had to be a bit careful but not much, most of the other kites were in closer to town.

There were a couple that were up in the air quite a bit more than the rest and of course, the competetive jerk in me just couldn't stand that.

Down comes the kite.
Back to the hotel, into the parking lot and into the trunk of the car I go.
Out comes the fishing pole.
You can guess where this is going from there.
Back to the beach and it's Up, Up And AWAY.

Just for reference, that is the top of a six story hotel. The one on the right in the next picture is eight stories high,

Now see if you can click on this next picture and see the kite. You may need a magnifying glass.

Low orbit achieved, mission accomplished. It wasn't too long before the farthest one up came slowly back to earth.
I'm such a jerk sometimes.
Heh heh heh.


  1. Your inner child is a shot nosed little brat, isn't he? :)

    1. Pretty much. ;)
      Even as a kid I was an ornery little shit.


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