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Gas It

Friday, May 6, 2016

She's Old EnoughTo Vote Now!

This is Bitsy, she used to be my Parents cat and we wound up with her.
She recently turned 18 years old as near as anyone can tell. They got her after she was full grown, she just wandered into the yard one day and stayed.

I caught her out back soaking up some sun, she's a good cat, loves to lay across my legs when I am sitting in the recliner and will actually use her front paw to try and pry my legs apart if I happen to have my ankles crossed so she can get comfortable.

She was de-clawed long ago and is as mellow as you could ever want a cat to be.

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  1. I took in a cast in 1999 that was around eleven years old then. Angel was a gray and white girl much like your Bitsy and was a very lovable critter. She was somewhere around 19-20 years old when she passed and this old biker cried like a baby. Love on her every chance you get.


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