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Gas It

Monday, January 25, 2016

Democrats Say Republicans Are Being Mean To Hillary Again

The circling of the wagons is in full swing by these people, doing their damndest to try and deflect this away from Hillary.

Unfortunately they are doing it way up a river in Egypt.

Rep. Schiff joins fellow Dems in casting doubt on IG letter on Clinton emails

The top Democrat on the House Select Committee on Intelligence suggested Sunday that congressional Republicans are manipulating the inspector general who recently reported about new “top secret” information found on Hillary Clinton’s private email system.
California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff argued that several Republican committee chairmen are investigating Clinton's use of the private system as secretary of state while “actively campaigning” against her.
"I think the inspector general has to be very careful not to allow himself to be used by one political party against the other in a presidential race,” Schiff told "Fox News Sunday."
He also said that one of the chairmen went to a campaign rally for front-running GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump “and said his purpose is to defeat Hillary Clinton.”
Schiff also repeated the argument about the difficulty in trying to agree on what is top secret information. It was among the most recent efforts by Democrats to downplay or discredit the Jan. 14 letter from Intelligence Committee Inspector General Charles McCullough to top Capitol Hill Republicans.
The unclassified letter states that a recent review by intelligence agencies identified "several dozen" classified emails -- including specific, top-secret intelligence related to so-called "special access programs.”

So they are trying to redefine what Top Secret means here?

If it says Top Secret in the message header then I would pretty much take that at face value.
Then again, I'm not trying to defend the indefensible here either.
If this were you or I we would already be under indictment and the lawyers fees would be racking up faster than we could count as they cozied up our next place of residence for the next thirty years.
The fact this woman isn't already should tell you all you need to know about The Rule of Law in this country.



  1. I had a top secret clearance when I was in the Marines. When I was discharged, I had to sign a 10 year non disclosure for with penalties of being dragged back into the Corp, courtmartialed and sent to prison.

  2. Indicted? Shit, you or I would already be in a Federal pound-you-in-the-ass prison!


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