She Screams For Thee

She Screams For Thee

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Obama Says Immigrants Renew America, US a welcoming nation

He's playing defense now because his goals haven't changed but the pressure is on.
It's still all about Transformation Bitchez!

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama described immigration on Tuesday as the nation’s oldest tradition and part of what makes the country exceptional, as he sought to draw a contrast with those who would seal the borders to people seeking to escape hardships or persecution.

“We can never say it often or loudly enough: Immigrants and refugees revitalize and renew America,” Obama said.

Obama has been trying this week to reassure the public about his strategy for stopping the Islamic State group while also emphasizing that the United States is a welcoming country that promotes religious tolerance.

If you listen to him and his water carriers they keep trying to tell us that their immigrant vetting process is state of the art and that we have nothing to worry about.

I think the recent events in San Bernadino and the slew of reports coming afterwards detailing how the two Jihadi's left a wide swath of evidence proving how they were radicalized and yet still let into this country prove otherwise.

This also should tell you that the vaunted Security State he has helped build ain't nearly as omniscient as they would like you to believe.

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  1. I also believe America needs revitalized and renewed. But I don't think he would like my ideas on how to do it any more than I like his. ;) I bet my idea's would be more popular than his!!!!!


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