Thursday, November 5, 2015

Verizon Commiting Business Suicide By CENSORING It's Clients E-Mail. (Updated, Bogus)

My personal feelings about Verizon puts them about six spots lower than warm dog shit in between my toes already anyway, this just digs the hole deeper. I wouldn't do business with those assholes again if they were the only provider in town.

Perhaps they are not quite aware of just how many other companies that are out there who would do cartwheels over barrels of fire to get their customers in the first place.

Verizon Begins CENSORING Customer E-mails

Verizon has begun censoring emails SENT by customers; ANY email containing ANY hyperlink, is auto-rejected as "SPAM" even if it is related to your business dealings or research!


More worrisome to those who think this will not affect them, is Verizon's clearly stated policy at the SPAM link contained in the rejection notice:
Can I opt out of email scanning?

No. Verizon scans the digital signatures of all inbound and outbound email messages to reduce the overall volume of spam on our network
So if a business person needs to get information to a colleague, or a student needs to get research to a fellow student, or if a wife wants to share an interesting recipe with a friend . . .  all those emails will be rejected by Verizon!
Who gave Verizon the power to decide what their customers can tell each other?

My emphasis.

If you are unfortunate enough to have Verizon as a provider I would STRONGLY urge you to dump their asses like a one legged leprous whore with a mouth half full of rotten teeth.

As the saying goes, actions have consequences, bankruptcy would be too good for the fuckers in my opinion.

OK, now I'm being told this is a bullshit story off of Infowars

I had to go do some backtracking to find the source I found it at because I don't read Infowars.

I got it off of the Reddit News Feed there on the left side column.of the blog.

Every once in a while I get punked, I'll freely admit it.

I clicked on the link to the Verizon FAQ page and they do scan your Email and they will delete the Email you send if the electronic signature matches a known Spammer,


GMail does the same damn thing.

So yes, this article is bullshit but it still doesn't change my opinion of Verizon. I've dealt with those fuckers before.
Warm dog shit between the toes is better.


  1. Bore...

    I have FIOS and have moved gigabytes via email (in 4MB chunks) over the last month with no issue.
    I traced the claim of censorship back to Infowars, a generally unreliable source.

    While I do watch for this kind of thing this one currently checks a bogus.


    1. Great.
      Now I'm trying to find where I came across it in the first place.

    2. OK, thanks for the heads up. I backtracked to where I got it from and have updated the post to reflect the fact I got punked.


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