Not Now, Not Ever

Not Now, Not Ever

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day 2016 Veteran Style, Rolling Thunder

As we pay tribute today to the missing and fallen veterans this country has sacrificed in the name of Empire, take a moment and remind yourself of just how many veterans there are in this country because it is not a small demographic.
A few hundred thousand of them went to the nations capitol earlier to make that point crystal clear.

Yeah, Trump showed up to weasel in and take advantage of the crowds but he is not the story here and never will be.

These are solid Americans, the kind of people who make this the greatest country on the face of the planet.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Complete Dick Move

What a fucking jackass.

Arrest Made After Man Runs Over 160 Memorial Day Crosses At Henderson, KY Park…

It would be unfortunate if the alleged perp fell up a few flights of stairs accidentally.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Louisiana Lawmaker Calls The Declaration of Independence Racist

Blink Blink.
You have GOT, to be shitting me.

Louisiana lawmaker labels Declaration of Independence racist in debate

The Declaration of Independence came under attack from an unlikely quarter—a state legislator.

Louisiana lawmaker Barbara Norton (D-Shreveport), argued that America’s founding document was racist during debate on a bill requiring public school students in the state to recite the Declaration of Independence daily, Fox & Friends reported Saturday.

“For the Declaration of Independence only Caucasians (were) free,” Norton, who is black, said Wednesday during the debate on the floor of the Louisiana House of Representatives. “And for you to bring a bill to require that our children will recite the Declaration of Independence I think it’s a little bit unfair.”

Rep. Valarie Hodges (R-Denham Springs) shelved the bill before lawmakers could vote on the proposal, which she sponsored. The measure would have required public school students in fourth through sixth grade to recite a passage from the Declaration of Independence.

Norton and Pat Smith (D-Baton Rouge) told Hodges that children shouldn’t have to recite words written at a time when slavery was prevalent, reading the document was used to bar blacks from voting at polling places and equality wasn’t extended to all people.

“Back in 1776 our forefathers who wrote the Declaration of Independence, I don’t believe they had any idea or that they thought for a moment that America would be as diverse as it is today,” Norton told KTAL-TV.

She ain't havin' none of that honey, it was written back when they had slaves and shit so it's a racist document.

Jump that shark, Lady Democrat.

This woman is so clueless that she doesn't realize she wouldn't even be able to voice her opinion on the matter, let alone have the job she does, without it.

Who Taught You How To Hate?

Disturbed, even the name of the band resonates with me.

I love these guys and have been digging this tune for a while now.
Turn it way the hell up and enjoy it yourself.

Facebook Is Now Tracking You Even If You Don't Have An Account To Target You With Advertising

Because I haven't said it yet today anyway,

Rotten sonsabitches.

Now though, they are really going to piss a LOT of people off.

Facebook will now track you even if you're not a Facebook user

It's official: there's nowhere to hide.
Companies like Facebook and Google are happy to offer you their services for free, but free always has a cost on the internet. Advertising pays the bills, and these big companies separate themselves from the pack by serving up ads that are better targeted than other networks. How do they target so well? By tracking you as you make your way across the web and building a profile that helps determine which ads you're most likely to click.
Some people don't want to be tracked by Facebook, so they don't register an account with the site. But thanks to some major changes rolling out now, on one will be able to hide from Facebook tracking.
Oh yes, there is a way and we will get to that shortly.

As The Wall Street Journal noted on Friday morning, Facebook's off-site ads will now be shown to people who are not registered Facebook users. That also means webgoers without Facebook accounts will now be tracked by Facebook so that the ads they're served will be better targeted to their tastes.
By altering the code websites use to display Facebook widgets such as "Like" buttons, Facebook can track a user across most or even all of the web pages he or she visits. That information is then stored and analyzed by Facebook so that advertisements served by Audience Network partners are more likely to be relevant to these users.
"Our buttons and plugins send over basic information about users' browsing sessions. For non-Facebook members, previously we didn't use it. Now we'll use it to better understand how to target those people," Andrew Bosworth, vice president of Facebook's ads and business platform, told WSJ.

As The Wall Street Journal noted on Friday morning, Facebook's off-site ads will now be shown to people who are not registered Facebook users. That also means webgoers without Facebook accounts will now be tracked by Facebook so that the ads they're served will be better targeted to their tastes.
By altering the code websites use to display Facebook widgets such as "Like" buttons, Facebook can track a user across most or even all of the web pages he or she visits. That information is then stored and analyzed by Facebook so that advertisements served by Audience Network partners are more likely to be relevant to these users. 

Now then, the article goes on and gives you a link to another article that explains VPN's a bit and has a couple links to some free ones.

The Opera web browser has one built right in.

There is a link there also to get a free, unlimited use VPN, to use for Google's Chrome.

One that I was using with the Pale Moon browser is called Ghostery

Pale Moon is an off shoot of Firefox and works very similar.

I used it for a long time, right up until tonight as a matter of fact.

Something went haywire with it though and it kept going unresponsive on me constantly for the last few weeks so I am using Chrome right at the moment, it was the default browser in this Laptop when I got it.

I'm real leery about stuff associated with Google anymore though.
As you probably know, Google has been reading all your Emails and watching your web browsing for years now and targeting advertisements at you from their contents.

They are all turning into stalkers but this advertising bullshit has gotten completely out of hand in my opinion.

Let my give you fuckers at Google and Facebook a little perspective from my side of the screen.

I work for a living, hard, physical labor.

When I get online to check the news, maybe watch a couple videos or listen to some music, I DO NOT WANT TO GET BOMBARDED WITH ADVERTISING CONSTANTLY.

I want to relax!

It's gotten so bad that even if you "X" out of some fucking autoplay pop up advertisement so you can see what the hell you went there to see in the first place, another one pops right the fuck up unbidden behind it!

You wind up spending your time dodging advertisements and not seeing what it was you wanted in the first place. And some of these ads these days are a real pain in the ass to figure out how to get rid of  too.

YouTube is really bad about this. Their fucking ads actually block what you are trying to watch at the bottom and when you close the damn thing, another one pops right the fuck back up again!

As with everything else in this world, this overreach is going to have repercussions.
This just might blow up in their facebooks.

People are funny about things and this just may be the thing that starts a counter movement to shut a bunch of this stuff right back off.
It didn't used to be this way but money talks and if there is one thin dime out there gathering dust in someones pocket, these people want it.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Trump Locks Up Enough Delegates For Republican Nomination

Let the fun begin.

It is rumored that upon hearing this news that Post Turtle ran into the nearest closet clutching his pearls and sobbing uncontrollably.

Fucking cunt.

MSM Not Reporting That Anonymous Has Gone After The New York Stock Exchange, World Bank, The Fed, and Vatican

It wasn't just the ones in the headline either, Anonymous has been very, very, busy going after financial institutions world wide with DDOS attacks.

Gee what a fucking surprise, the Lame Stream Media not reporting somebody going after Big Money finally.
What's the matter you pussies?
Someone up the food chain tell you to keep your mouths shut did they?
Journalism and the Free Press can be added to a long list of things that used to be a source of pride in this country that are dead and gone.

Bought and Paid For, every last one of them.

You people suck.

Anonymous Hits New York Stock Exchange, World Bank, The Fed, and Vatican — Total Media Blackout



By Jay Syrmopoulos
Amidst a global media blackout of Anonymous’ ongoing worldwide attacks on the “corrupt banking cartels,” the hacking collective has now taken down some of the most prestigious institutions in global governance. OpIcarus has recently taken offline the World Bank, the New York Stock Exchange, five U.S. Federal Reserve Banks and the Vatican.

After announcing a global call to arms against the “corrupt global banking cartel,” the hacker collective, known as Anonymous, in conjunction with Ghost Squad Hackers, have taken over 30 central banks offline, including striking many targets at the heart of the Western imperialist empire.

Operation Icarus was relaunched in conjunction with a video release announcing the beginning of a “30-day campaign against central bank sites across the world.” Since that time, the scope and magnitude of the attacks have increased exponentially, with Anonymous, Ghost Squad Hackers, a number of Sec groups and BannedOffline coordinating attacks — each focusing on separate financial institutions in an effort to maximize the number of targets hit.

In a previous interview with the Free Thought Project, an Anonymous representative clarified that the operation is in no way intended to impact individuals’ accounts held within the banks, explaining that OpIcarus is directed solely at the 1% perpetuating injustice:

We would just like to make it very clear that all targets of #OpIcarus have been Rothschild and BIS central owned banks. In fact most of the targets so far such as Guernsey, Cyprus, Panama, Jordan, British Virgin Isles, etc are in the top 10 places of tax havens for the elite. No on-line consumer accounts were harmed, no ATM’s were blocked and no personal client data was leaked. This has been a protest against the Central Banks and the 1% — no innocent or poor people were harmed.

In the world of high finance, time is money and every minute that a bank is forced offline it is losing potential revenue, which in turn hurts the bottom line of those that support the imperial war machine. Thus far, all targeted banks have refused to comment on the damage inflicted by the continuous cyber attacks.

Make no mistake that this operation has already been extremely effective — evolving and growing rapidly. The fact that global corporate media is refusing to report on these numerous high-profile attacks is indicative of the fear the 1% have of OpIcarus garnering massive public support. The attempt to conceal the scope and breadth of this operation from public purview reveals the visceral fear the elite harbor toward those they prey upon. It seems the only thing the ruling class can do now is attempt to conceal and suppress the information about what’s transpiring in hopes of keeping the populace ignorant

My bold.
There is more at this link.

Electronic torches and pitchforks?
Why not.

The world wide plundering spree that these financial institutions have been on for the last few centuries can not go on forever. Even with the blessings of every major government in the world, nothing lasts forever and when it does come time for it to stop, it is going to be spectacular and horrifying at the same time to watch.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Google's Paris headquarters Raided In Tax Evason Inquiry

I'm sure Google has absolutely nothing to hide from the government., /s.

Investigators raid Google Paris HQ in tax evasion inquiry

Dozens of French police raided Google's (GOOGL.O) Paris headquarters on Tuesday, escalating an investigation into the digital giant on suspicion of tax evasion.

Google, which said it was fully complying with French law, is under pressure across Europe from public opinion and governments angry at the way multinationals exploit their presence around the world to minimize the tax they pay.

Investigators from the financial prosecutors office and France's central office against corruption and tax fraud, accompanied by 25 IT specialists, took part in the raid.

"The investigation aims to verify whether Google Ireland Ltd has a permanent base in France and if, by not declaring parts of its activities carried out in France, it failed its fiscal obligations, including on corporate tax and value added tax," the prosecutor's office said in statement.

Google, now part of Alphabet Inc, pays little tax in most European countries because it reports almost all sales in Ireland. This is possible thanks to a loophole in international tax law but it hinges on staff in Dublin concluding all sales contracts.

If staff in countries like France finalize contracts with local clients, then the company would be obliged to report the revenues nationally and pay taxes in each country.

Al Verney, a spokesman for Google in Europe, said in an email: "We are cooperating with the authorities to answer their questions. We comply fully with French law."

It isn't like Google doesn't have enough revenue to buy their way out of this even if they are found guilty.
Their yearly profits are as much as the GDP of a small country anyway.