Monday, November 9, 2015

Kids These Days

I Lol'ed at this one, sounds like something me and my friends would have done back in the day.

Police investigating multiple Smart Cars tipped in Denver


Denver police discovered an urban version of cow tipping early Sunday after vandals turned over Smart Cars in five locations.

Police are looking for four men after "five or six" Smart Cars were tipped over, said police spokeswoman Mary McIver. The vandals struck at Ellsworth Avenue, and Pennsylvania Street, Ellsworth and Pearl Street, Alameda Avenue and Downing Street, Clarkson Street and Bayaud Avenue, and Alameda Avenue and Franklin Street.

"It sounds like somebody was driving around looking for them," McIver said. "Somebody saw four males." Police received a report of the incident at 12:20 a.m., McIver said.

What a Smart Car may look like after these fiends strike,


  1. In Europe they throw in canals. Fun to watch them bob around. My dad had one for a short while. I could actually drive the thing and I'm over 6 feet tall and 400 pounds. Okay it was more like I wore the car.

  2. Shit, we used to do this with Krautwagens when we were kids. Some fairy teacher drove one to school one day. He found it in the hallway when he went to leave.
    Great Times!!


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